I walk my dog along South Terrace near the Gapview …

Comment on Save our trees: reduce Buffel, call 000, collaborate by David Nixon.

I walk my dog along South Terrace near the Gapview Hotel… there’s a stretch of river there that I am in mourning for. To walk the middle line between harassing campers and conserving our glorious trees… cut the grass. All of it. Then poison what sprouts. Every month. The buffel grass seems to guarantee that they go up in smoke…and people camp where they’re protected from view. It’s a win-win, Ray; even if your primary concern is denying someone a place to camp, you can look green doing it.

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‘Profiteering’ industry must act on grog harm: Police Association
Many industries externalise the cost of their waste product onto the tax payer. But just because its legal, it doesn’t mean that it’s ethical.
I understand that where markets fail, government has a duty to step in. But arguing for tax payers to pick up the cost by policing bottle shops and cleaning our streets is a shame job: A user pays system would give responsibility to the consumer.
I’d like to see all containers clearly labelled to identify their point of origin and a by-law that gives the town council license to charge bottle shops for picking up their waste.
Maybe this strategy would force the floor price of cheap wine to finally move upward.

National Indigenous gallery process hijacked?
Why aren’t we talking about moving the railyards?

Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice
Given our position in the national psyche, it’s important that it’s located here. Symbolically – and for the sake of businesses located nearby – the closer it is to the centre of the CBD, the better.
Could we flatten the Town Council building and start again?
Could we solve the empty CBD office space with council employees? Could they also build a solar powered cold store at the Desert Park so that all the precious “currently not displayed” stuff has somewhere to live?

$75m power station: Alice locked into fossil fuel future
The video mentioned in the article: https://youtu.be/R3VdYRQSsMI
On a personal note, I’m in favour of developing and maintaining the network so long as it sits within a framework that is geared towards supporting individuals to become energy self reliant and/or energy producers.
Bugger this investing in legacy industries nonsense, locking us in to one energy provider for the next 20 odd years while they recoup their ROI. Bring forward a more progressive paradigm and give the Alice the means to achieve renewable energy independence.

Mayor on thin ice with fracking claims
Probably because those in the industry have no leg to stand on when it comes to talking up the virtues.
Healthy economy be damned if it comes at the expense of trashing the planet.
Way past time to focus on renewable energy, Another Observer.

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