I would like to asks Dale what is the …

Comment on Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders by Evelyne Roullet.

I would like to asks Dale what is the school’s attendance rates of those children? What levels are they in?
With no education and an attitude of: “I do what I like when I want” I cannot see a bright future in the horizon.
Those children are used as politic gains, when their welfare should have priority.
Quote: “If a police officer saw an eight year old walking around in the street at 2.30am they could make a Child Protection Notification and that would be acted upon by the after hours service.”
Do I read COULD? A young child on the street at night is a neglected child and should automatically put in care, not could be!

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Bailed juveniles next-door to you soon?
@ Former resident: I know how to use a computer but I do not like to read a text with a dictionary or to have to ask Google.
CAALAS and CEO is easy because we are used to those words but, sorry, try the others and you will see it is not the first and only meaning of those abbreviations and I do not understand why I should have to choose.
Kiss, Evelyne.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: the nays have it 
The war memorial would be better on flat ground. It is not everybody who can climb the hill.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: the nays have it 
Kathy, in this case , the NT flag has no reason to fly on the hill.

Liquor Commission: Lawyer, social worker represent Alice
Michel Dean,I agree with you, it looks like a lot of talk, paper work etc but no action. I start to believe that those who govern us want to be popular, with next election in their vision, and fear to take drastic decisions.
While great leaders can do everything possible to behave in a constructive and compassionate manner, they must also understand that there are those who find meaning in destroying others while destroying themselves.

Desert Knowledge precinct preferred for youth detention facility
Why not having a called / compulsory general meeting with all the parents of the recorded juvenile offenders?
May be we will find out what are the deep reasons for the children be neglected:
Lack of proper housing?
Alcohol / drug addiction?
Low self esteem?
Normal teen rebellion with no fear of punishment unless it is corporal?

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