I would like to asks Dale what is the …

Comment on Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders by Evelyne Roullet.

I would like to asks Dale what is the school’s attendance rates of those children? What levels are they in?
With no education and an attitude of: “I do what I like when I want” I cannot see a bright future in the horizon.
Those children are used as politic gains, when their welfare should have priority.
Quote: “If a police officer saw an eight year old walking around in the street at 2.30am they could make a Child Protection Notification and that would be acted upon by the after hours service.”
Do I read COULD? A young child on the street at night is a neglected child and should automatically put in care, not could be!

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Air traffic: Looking down on Alice
“There will now be less capacity for Centralians to travel directly to Cairns and Perth.”
It has been like this for a longtime: Qantas wanting to fill up its planes had Cairn – Perth directed to Alice Springs with a feeble excuse and Alice Springs Perth cancelled with another excuse.
Then, everybody was put on a Melbourne flight, made to wait for hours for a Perth flight. Tough, like if your holidays or business were ruined.

Anzac Oval grab Minister rejects Coles Mural listing
Travelers around the world go to specific places for their attractions / landmarks.
What would be Paris without the Eiffel Tower? Sydney without the bridge, the opera house? London without Big Ben?
What will be left of Alice in years to come? Nothing – it will be just a town in Australia.

Anzac Oval grab Minister rejects Coles Mural listing
Ms Moss is not an artist and has no idea of what makes Alice Springs a town like Alice.

Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
Mister Gunner is playing with words, splitting hair.
Normally a precinct is a building and its boundary like a school precinct: building and playground. Vehicles cannot enter a precinct (except service vehicles).
An oval is a play/sport ground. Part of our oval will become included in the precinct and the rest will be car parks joined to the gallery precinct.
It will not be big enough for a large tourist bus, caravans and the local wishing to park near the CBD.

Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
And the cultural center?

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