I know a copper on the Murray River border who …

Comment on Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders by Kenneth.

I know a copper on the Murray River border who took delinquent kids out 10 km from town, took their shoes and let them walk home over gravel roads.
Maybe a paddy van of these children collected at midnight and taken 15 km from town to walk home would prevent all the damage, stolen cars and break-ins.
A three or four nights of long walking as a lesson, then they will not be a problem in town or the police.

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Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders
Further: Erwin, I talked to Dale over the same matter in the Mall. Her responses were also very vague and indeterminate.
Her inexperience as a politician compares to an uncertain woman in the street rather than a minister of the Parliament.
She needs the services of an adequate minder or advisor to remain.

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National Indigenous Art Gallery future in doubt: Gunner
It is fundamentally true that in Australian politics and goverment for the time since Federation that labor always destroyed the finances of the country and liberal Coalition had then, in their term, to fix the balance sheet. Every time since 1901.
I recall that in Whitlam’s Prime Minister government that the Australian economy became so broke that the treasurer of the time called on a Mr Kemlani in Pakistan, who was a money lender / broker, to fix the Australian economy with a loan.
That was the time Frazer and Governor-General Kerr acted.
Can the administrator act in the NT and dismiss Gunner for he gunna-do nothing now?

Government offered council up to $5m for Anzac Oval
What ever is Gunner gunna-do? He stands like other dictators of history who spat the dummy out of his spoilt mouth. A child among us.
They should employ a good accountant to balance their books not the present elected one.

Vowles, McConnell and Collins dumped from Caucus
Michael, do not forget Kesia the Speaker is an Independent too.
That equals SIX independents. Maybe an “independent” party form government.
What a ruddy shamble. A no-confidence motion is required!

‘Greatest financial disaster’ threat to credit rating
Wise words Robyn.
You were once treasurer under a previous Chief Minister.
Would theAuditor General have any ability to unravel the mess?
And yet the gallery to be placed on ANZAC precinct / oval with the costly demolition of a school, demolition of two concrete and steel grandstands worth to build $5m four years ago, demolition of the sporting building on the oval and the public car park used daily for CBD employees …
Then fund two new rugby fields on virgin land needing drainage first, then probably with grandstands and changing rooms for the players.
The grader work on ANZAC oval will complete change its profile for town use. And at how many millions of dollars cost?
Further, how much will the actual building cost, in addition of $100m?
Now broke, what can Gunner, Manison, Moss and Wakefield do without the cash?
First go back to school and learn to budget and do simple sums.

The Territory is broke
Politically there is great “Sovereign Risk” in the Northern Territory.
An example is the gallery standoff by the NT Government.
With the land ownership … the CLC (lawyers) … and the incompetence of the resources bureaucracy (intelligence?), there is virtually no mining in the NT (compare to WA and Qld).
No group or company can stand up to 25+ years gaining land exploration rights when the bureaucratic demands exceed reality.
It is sovereign risk. Massive mineral income is needed. My company discovered a diamond field in 2010 but the Central Land Council vetoed its development and the license ran out in 2013.
Imagine how incompetance lost NT royalties income.
No group or company can stand this or the veto of the CLC, intent on its own agenda, [such] delay in discovery and finding mineral exploration from vetoed and land access.
The Lasseter’s Reef rediscovery is a case in point, where bureaucratic intransigence and the Central Land Council prevents mineral exploration and development of the frontier town of Alice Springs.
The Aboriginal art gallery in Alice Springs will go the same usual way. The kiss of death has already been applied.

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