Further: Erwin, I talked to Dale over the same matter …

Comment on Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders by Kenneth.

Further: Erwin, I talked to Dale over the same matter in the Mall. Her responses were also very vague and indeterminate.
Her inexperience as a politician compares to an uncertain woman in the street rather than a minister of the Parliament.
She needs the services of an adequate minder or advisor to remain.

Kenneth Also Commented

Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders
I know a copper on the Murray River border who took delinquent kids out 10 km from town, took their shoes and let them walk home over gravel roads.
Maybe a paddy van of these children collected at midnight and taken 15 km from town to walk home would prevent all the damage, stolen cars and break-ins.
A three or four nights of long walking as a lesson, then they will not be a problem in town or the police.

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New brawl looms over civic centre loan
It would appear that the business accumin of Cr. Melky is spot on. I have always paid business borrowings rapidly. It there is an emergency need of cash then arrange more credit with the bank immediately. Always pay off debts to minimize interest costs.
I will now have to vote for Cr. Melky at the next election … BUT … whom will I cross off my voting list as a result?

Did Wilfred and Gisela Thor have to die?
When you walk the Cradle Mount – Lake St Clair track (six days) in Tasmania there is a book you fill out at the start and you log off when you finish after six days or when return from a day walk.
Is there such a system active on the Larapinta Trail or on day walks anywhere here? A mandatory log in and log out book is needed.

Scullion to spend $40m to find out what $1b achieved
The money from mining is royalty money which Centercorp invests for them without their knowledge or approval.
Look up “Warlpiri Cattle Pty Ltd” on ASIC (the security commission) with its registered secretary in 92 Greenslopes St, Cairns (by address) and see the places such Aboriginal mining royalty money is spent.

Scullion to spend $40m to find out what $1b achieved
Poor Nigel! He is the one with all the answers like a little boy who is still looking for the real answers to civilise the Aborigines to his perceived definition of compliant good citizens.
Has he ever asked the Aborigines why they complain and what will fix it?
Does he understand the broadness of the “Dreaming” (Altjeringa) as the spiritual, legal, cultural and driving force which must become syncretic into the future?

CLP: Back to the future
Welcome back Shane. Your CV includes many successes from the time in 1985 at I. H. Melbourne University.

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