Yes, I agree, here we go again. I called into the …

Comment on BDR lite to start on Saturday by Karen.

Yes, I agree, here we go again.
I called into the drive through at the GapView and was
shocked that I had to show my licence. Didn’t even know
the had started early when all the time the Government
has been saying September 1. Typical. Can’t believe a
word they say.

Recent Comments by Karen

‘More red tape after dual occupancy move’
Katrina spot on, I have never understood how the government department in charge has allowed builders to get away with one meter.

Dob in a graffiti vandal, says town council
With the council in the black maybe they should put more cameras around.

Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps?
I don’t know how this all started but to me it seems like Shaw has something to hide and he needs to grow up and I agree he should be means tested.

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
No, we don’t need Darwin police. All they did was pick on the law abiding citizens, revenue raising, didn’t solve much, us hard taxpaying workers were glad to see them go back to Darwin.
Bring in the army.
CLC and all the other Aboriginal agencies should be dealing with all the youths who come in from communities and the ones that live here on the funding they already receive.
I feel for our tourists. Enough is enough, oh and bring back police at liquor outlets. It’s out of control.

Finke crowd (mostly) stay mates despite traffic jam
We were in the slow crawl (about 50 minutes) and every one used common sense and courtesy, we even let two ladies back in the line after they had dumped their rubbish at the big bins.
I did hear of one car that wouldn’t let people in but you get that even if we don’t understand their hurry as they weren’t going anywhere fast.

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