How to vote cards are a huge waste of money …

Comment on Unpredictable, unaligned and undaunted: Cr Eli Melky by June Gower.

How to vote cards are a huge waste of money and paper. People should do their own research to find out who is going to represent them best.

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Advocate: Getting it wrong on their big day
Congratulations to you both for providing us with really interesting news.
Like us, I expect many people buy the Advocate for the TV programmes, which are frequently wrong. Their spelling is abysmal too!

Melanka development break-through: Work starts next week
Wonderful idea, which developed into a fantastic weekend experience for all participants! Congratulations!

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
Congratulations, Jacinta, on your brave and excellent presentation.

Trouble in Alice – why is government failing?
Excellent article, I just hope that people who have the power to make the changes, do so, hopefully with the co-operation of the general public.

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