It is really time that all remembered the dozens of …

Comment on Surprising conservative on council: Jacinta Price by Beverley Ruth Emmott.

It is really time that all remembered the dozens of Australians who are not Aboriginal.All people of all nationalities should be treated with respect – and so should their possessions.
Also, it is about time that the Aboriginals learnt that their race is disproportionally represented in government.
If I as a white person coming from a farming background with my parents employing people have to learn that the farm we once owned is no longer ours then the Aboriginals have to learn the same.
It is a fact of life and their resentment holds them back from living life and experiencing the new.
Totally unbiased people are hard to find – by that I mean that they can forget the Aboriginal past and see them included in the Australian race of the year 2017.
Land rights etc have held the Aboriginals back, not letting them move into this century, the only ones to benefit are those who can leave the past in the past and forget the resentment. By that I don’t mean letting others run ship shod all over you in the present and past, ignoring the law of the land and abusing people. Time it stopped.

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Surprising conservative on council: Jacinta Price
For the person who speaks about duplicate comments I say this.
Duplication of comments stresses what you say. It is used in the above article – but I guess because Jacinta Price is an Aboriginal and backed by Damien Ryan that is OK for her to do it but not others.
That is racial prejudice and that is the point I am making, that if she is backed because she is Aboriginal then she is judging others on the fact they are not Aboriginal. So she is not any better than anyone before her.

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And now: Car invasion
Again boredom and greed (something for nothing) are at the bottom of this.

Fewer pokies, help for gambling addicts
The better idea would be to have a greater variety of entertainment – the control again dismisses ideas that will work for those that won’t.
The entertainment over all age groups and all types. Where are the drunks in Sadadeen, and are all the Aboriginals hanging around the pubs and casinos drunk or are they just uneducated and needing something to do?
Some of these religious and political freaks think that to put people on cards like Basic and Indue fixes the problem – however more money for those on the lowest incomes would go a long way to encouraging people to try better themselves and get out of the addiction cycle. Even church attendance can become an addiction.
List all entertainment in Alice Springs and see what we lack – then go out and get some of it going for people to enjoy.
The only real things to do are the cinema, the speedway, and the Aboriginal art, plus Finke and Aruleun, and football, golf.
Many of these cost a fortune to go to, many are once a year and many involve Aboriginal art and once you have seen it a couple of times it is boring.

Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school
Sadadeen was once really good. My kids went there and they learned a lot. There was a high proportion of white kids and quite a few Aboriginals.
My kids learned to be independent there. They are in their twenties now and doing well. All three attended uni, all three had Aboriginal and white friends.
No, we are not rich and lacked family support but all kids learned to work and study at school and the two youngest got into top unis. They understand the Aboriginal culture because of their friends,
My youngest decided at eleven she was going to work, and did it. Yes, it was illegal, but their father had died and none of the relations would help so once they got older they helped themselves. It now shows. They have got themselves set up as well as they could, paid for their own trips overseas. My eldest daughter is getting top marks at uni and both are coping by themselves because I cannot help them.
I was working until I got very ill but now because some of the relations from Adelaide and Sydney, QLD and Vic are all pro-Aboriginal and refused to help us but took money from us.
Yet we are surviving better than they. They waste so much and don’t know how to cope without their massive pays and charity money. On the other hand we cope without help. They are jealous of us.
The schools need to understand that the private education is actually failing many because when they leave the kids are suddenly faced with reality.
The public school children are faced with reality all their lives and it really shows when they get into the permanent workforce.

A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer.
A tunnel through the range at the gap: When the water comes it spreads right across the plain.
I would think that a tunnel near The Gap would just be another place for the water to flow through. The bridge into town is the best access in a flood so the solution would be to build up not through.
If the tunnel had a road as high as the rail track and all the way down through The Gap it might work, but not if the tunnel was at ground level.
Trouble with Alice Springs is that it is built level to the river bank, fine most times until flood comes, then quite a bit of the town is under water. We are lucky the big flood has not happened for years.
Another way is to deepen the river so that it takes more water before the water spreads over the roads.

Let’s have an Australia Day when we are ready for it
Indigenous don’t want Australia day in January – in other words they want to stay in 1776 to 1786. Why do they want this? It seems they never could accept that this country was taken over by the whites but in the process both black and white suffered.
What do they want Australia for? To big note themselves? If it were not for white they would still be hunting animals, fighting amonst themselves, have no education and no chance at a lifestyle like some have now.
Australia once was owned by the Aboriginals. It could have become Dutch but the English took over.
I have heard so many of the oldies say let the government look after us. You whites can pay tax but we don’t need to – very much like big business and mining.
What they actually want is to be dependents and have everyone else look after them, ransack others’ places and generally destroy what others took years to build up.

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