From a distance, Mr Nelson’s reflections on the election stats …

Comment on Did Oz Day row in Victoria scare the horses in Alice? by John Bell.

From a distance, Mr Nelson’s reflections on the election stats appear objective, well balanced and interesting.
His personal view on how the diversity lobby could have been more successful seems logical and worthy of note for next time.
The problem as I see it for the diversity individuals is that because of their very diversity of ideals, and their lack of knowledge how a council operates from day to day they will have extreme difficulty getting their collective act together to focus on two or three leading candidates.
They will have to form a political platform, become a power bloc, as the Greens have done. Just as Damien and Jacinta et al have done.
It would seem from the election stats that Alice people generally liked what they saw in the existing power bloc. Getting things done.
And so Council life and getting things done in the best interests of the Council charter – and the Alice electorate – goes on.

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Did Oz Day row in Victoria scare the horses in Alice?
It looks like the Oz Day row down here in Mexico has done more than scare the horses in the Alice Council election.
I see in the news that the NT Chief Minister has taken the political bait and is now rabbiting on about banning Oz Day throughout the Territory – following the lead of our illustrious Green-Left local councils of “progressive vision” in the Big Smoke.
Scaring the horses now looks escalating to a stampede of water buffalo through the halls of the NT Parliament.

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Sleeping on the floor in over-crowded juvie
In Victoria, stats released last week show that the 15 to 19 age group has the highest rate of violent crime.
If juvie detention centres in the NT are bursting at the seams with teenagers who assault guards, surely this tends to suggest that around the country, this age group is in serious danger of breaking down the sovereign borders of restraint and authority’s control.

Remains of missing man found near Yambah
@ Alex Nelson. Thank you Alex. It was a very sad situation. I have often wondered about the two young lads who found him and how they must have felt.

Remains of missing man found near Yambah
This brings to mind the finding of a human skeleton in the early 70s.
Up on the cliff face of the MacDonnell Range near Heavitree Gap, stuck in a cleft, an old .22 by his side, ragged remnants of clothes, with pre-decimal currency in the pocket.
He had been looking out over Sadadeen for quite a number of years, discovered by young lads climbing.
I cannot recall if identity was ever established, whether it was suicide or an accident.

Business group may establish ‘federal’ prison in The Centre
@ Carly. Your rather crass comment is perhaps better suited to the Twitteratti social comment medium, rather than in this respected cyber news medium?

Business group may establish ‘federal’ prison in The Centre
Strewth. A Federal prison in the Alice. The mind boggles. It could be filled immediately with Feddie ratbags and bushrangers for whom warrants are still outstanding from Traeger Park days of the 60s, 70s and 80s.
I can think of a few lads to be cell block chiefs. And then there are the Eover boys, the Pioneer lads, the Soupies … the place will be chockablock in an eyeblink.
They will have to throw away the keys.

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