A mongrel idea that was introduced in the 80s at …

Comment on CDP work for the dole scheme gets a hammering by Ian Rennie.

A mongrel idea that was introduced in the 80s at an Aboriginal community by the name of Balgo (and others) situated in WA 900 Km north west of Alice Springs.
I was employed there as a mechanic and had a number of people working in the workshop and they were being paid as well as others in the store, the office, with the plumber, the brick layer, the electrician, the school as well as those doing many other tasks and the equivalent of council works, road works within the community and surrounding areas. These people worked hard and were paid a wage.
The unbelievable happened with outside Government bodies including the Department of Aboriginal Affairs coming along and telling these people they now had to work for the dole.
The simplest way that I can put it is that this community changed for the worse, those who once worked for a wage then worked for the dole and I ask, how many people would do this? How many people would allow this to be forced upon them?
It was OK for myself and other whites who worked there, we lost nothing except maybe a certain amount of respect because those who lost a wage worked equally as hard as us. One thing I found unfathomable was the fact that one group could be singled out like this.
Just maybe this “new” idea is somewhat different, but is it really? And is it fair?

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The Mushroom
It would seem that Michael fracking Gunner should be herein referred to as Teflon Mick and his colleagues as the Teflon Mob for obvious reasons.

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To Evelyne Roullet, it seems you see the need to supply cash, smokes etc?
I do not agree with that idea, but I do agree with Mr Guru.
Stop with the suck, and by the way Mr Guru, why do you not have the intestinal fortitude to use your real name? I put my name to my statements and have no fear in doing so.

Gunner’s fracking inquiry gets it wrong on many counts
When one considers their claims of caring about the land, the silence of traditional owners of the land is deafening, or is it that there is just no coin in it for them? But then again, maybe the promise of coin that has done the job.

Tom Cleary: Cattle man with a huge smile
R.I.P. Tom.

Will gas royalties save the NT? Read the fine print.
The South Australian people thought that they would benefit from their gas, but just check it out, it goes overseas and the people of South Oz pay foreigners for their gas at a higher price than the people far away in another country get it for. And that is just what the Territorians will be doing and as for the NT economy, Crikey, what a joke! Wake up Aussie, wake up, wake up!

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