Evelyne, This is one of those instances of language nuance …

Comment on Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps? by Paull Alekna.

Evelyne, This is one of those instances of language nuance not being well conveyed in text.
Ms Price is a councillor of Aboriginal origin as opposed to what you have suggested, that she is a councillor because she is Aboriginal.
Our laws do not (yet) allow for the latter, in a democracy, all representatives have to be properly elected, we have not yet reached the situation of having X percentage of positions reserved for certain types of candidates.

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No plans to stop NATS: Gunner
The open was removed because the medical profession, with an agenda, told him to, and backed up their argument with mistruths and lies.

How to vote cards point to totally new council
Trevor, we have plenty of people who do have a passion for Alice, what she is, what she can be.
Sadly, many of them are not running for council, they don’t have big enough egos, just passion, love for their town.
I do operate in a tourism environment, and I often hear (from visitors rushing off to the Rock): “Our agents told us there is nothing to see in Alice” so it’s just a hotel stopover on the way to a fly-covered rock.
Wouldn’t it be great if someone were to try to change that misconception?

Four lanes through Gap: Does Alice need them?
Of course, you could always punch a rail tunnel through the mountain, if the rock will stand it, and ignore any sacred site considerations, if any exist.

Four lanes through Gap: Does Alice need them?
A four-lane road from Commonage Road to either the Adelaide turnoff, or even right to the airport is needed, and would be a cakewalk to provide.
We have all endured the experience of a slow run behind a slow moving vehicle and no overtake opportunities.
The Grey Nomads need a rest area too, and a roadhouse at a few suggested locations would be great. If you are at the airport and need fuel, your nearest retailer is Gap Road.
Getting the four lanes through The Gap is the challenge.
The artist’s impression, bridge over nothing, is not needed.
Am I the only one to notice that the road and rail tracks are level at each end, but the road dips almost two metres in The Gap itself?
If the road surface was raised to rail level all the way through, the result would be a structure wide enough to provide a four-lane carriageway, a walkway, and with one lane of shared right of way with the rail tracks, obviously needing a means of separation of road / rail traffic when there is actually a train present.

Uber: Who will win?
Fix the fares? NT taxi fares are among the cheapest in the country.
Why do you want to begrudge a taxi driver earning an income, and paying the costs involved in earning that income?
Ask yourself why so few Uber drivers stay for the long haul.

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