I was wondering what it would take for Gunner to …

Comment on No plans to stop NATS: Gunner by James T Smerk.

I was wondering what it would take for Gunner to visit Alice Springs for more than five minutes.
Now, man up and pledge a few mill to improve the burnout area to ensure this doesn’t happen again!
The benefits of the Red Centre Nats is proven now, so come on, invest to make it better and get more participants.
But this won’t happen because it is in Alice Springs (not Darwin).

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I wonder how much Emily got for the painting back in the day…

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I’m bored of reading these stories. They seem to be reoccurring… The people complain.. the Gov says they are going to fix it.. and they don’t… Rinse and Repeat.

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Agree with Paul.

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I agree with John. This kind of talk helps no-one.

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I’ve been saying that for years. Bottle shops make enough profit, hire your own security guards.
It’s the same for licenced premises, they should be responsible for ensuring their general area is safe too! Not just inside their buildings. You assist in causing a problem you should be part of the clean up.

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