Hello Erwin, what a surprise to see that Alice Springs …

Comment on Home from the fire front by Ursula de Fontenay.

Hello Erwin, what a surprise to see that Alice Springs was represented in the group of firefighters who came over here this past summer. I knew there were Australians here but did not expect there would be a firefighter from Alice.
When Mr Letheby was coordinating the aerial attacks on the fires he may not have known that the Superintendent of the Provincial Airtanker Program is Michael Benson, grandson of Bob and Vicki Darken (both deceased) of Alice Springs. Mike works out of Kamloops so they may have met.
At last there are only a few remote fires burning as the weather cools and rain has fallen.
There were up to 40,000 people evacuated or on alert and many businesses relying on summer activity lost income. Residents of others parts of the Province (especially the area around Vancouver) are being encouraged to travel to the fire-effected areas to stay at the lodges and campgrounds to provide income for those who lost so much in their usually busy summer season.
I live near Vancouver so we were only effected by smoke when the winds changed from the normal south westerly direction to north easterly – the first time for two weeks at the end of July then a week at the beginning of September. Each time, as the winds changed back to normal, we’d have a light rainfall then the clear, sunny skies returned. It was an amazing summer for us on the coast with day after day of sunshine for two months!
It’s still great but the temperatures are cooler – much like when I was in Alice in September in 2014.
I hope Mr Letheby will come back to BC on holiday some time so he can appreciate the Province as it can be in good times – May or September are less busy but still generally good weather.
It’s called Beautiful British Columbia for good reason!

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