Ironic that tourists and their dollars travel the Stuart Highway …

Comment on Is the Stuart statue next? by David.

Ironic that tourists and their dollars travel the Stuart Highway predominently to experience the Northern Territory’s Aboriginal culture.

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Bottle shop cops may not like it, but are needed
Prevention is better than cure. That’s what I take away from Donna’s letter.

Story Wall, buffel and Jacinta
Richard Burnett … call me cynical, but meaningful reconciliation will only progress because of the “loony left”. I wouldn’t trust reconcilation to the right side of politics.

Cut mining royalties to land councils: elder
Hey Philistine, can you explain to me how Central Petroleum is “spending someone else’s money” namely yours and Peter’s, in buying Land Cruisers?
Are you sure “Government money keeps coming in” for Central Petroleum to buy Land Cruisers? You might want to check your facts before your next rant.
Maybe you’d prefer Central Petroleum to buy Land Cruisers interstate and not locally.

Pine Gap and the Nobel prize the Oz government ignores
As former President Obama said, he’s not against war, he’s just against dumb wars. Australia has been involved in too many dumb wars.

Public gives angry thumbs down to closure of police counter
Every time a treasurer hands down a State or Territory or Federal budget, funding for NGOs, Aboriginal organisations and government departments is slashed.
The only funding that isn’t cut and is often increased, is funding for police services.
I’ve seen police patrolling on camels, horses, motorbikes, mountain bikes, segways, every toy they can get their hands on.
I’m predicting mini hot air balloons and unicycles are next.
If closing the police station is a financial issue, they should just ask the government for the money because they’ll get it.

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