As somebody who has not completely made up his mind …

Comment on ‘CLP rehashes fracking policy that caused its wipe-out’ by Laurence.

As somebody who has not completely made up his mind as to the dangers and/or the benefits of fracking I am amused to see the Frack Free Alliance claiming responsibility for the CLP’s demise.
And here was I believing it was it was based on their inability to govern, their infighting, incompetence in dealing with the juvenile detainees and regular back stabbing of each other (strangely these traits are being shown by the current governing party as well).
Since the launch of “The independent Scientific Inquiry Into Hydraulic Fracturing” and its public meeting (as reported on March 7, 2017) I was looking forward to some rational debate as well as some hard and verifiable scientific knowledge instead the meeting turned into an orchestrated farce led by anti-fracking activist Jimmy Cocking.
He, along with the like minded cobbled together a list of concerns that would gladden the heart of every social justice warrior present, unfortunately had little or nothing to do with the term “scientific”.
Oh well, I have little or no doubt that fracking will go ahead as it seems both the state and Federal governments want it and does this make the current inquiry to be basically a feel good exercise to appease all and sundry?
On a side note, can’t wait to see what offends our SJWs and NGOs next.

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Scullion and Price charged for PM’s reception
Typical over-reaction by small minded and petty local politicians, just so glad [they] are still the minority.

Sleeping on the floor in over-crowded juvie
Hahaha. Sent to Darwin away from family and friends … what an absolute joke.
Their family should have cared enough to stop them running amuck. And their bloody friends are the F-Wits egging them on.
It just gives the feral no-hopers reason to moan and scream for more funding.
Pfft a pox on the lot of you.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
Wonderful to hear from you Simon. Good to know that you don’t care about anyone but yourself or is that just how you come across. Sorry to disappoint but I’m not feral enough to live on the Old Eastside but by reading your tirade you certainly have all the prerequisites for that suburb e.g. whiny and self-indulgent.
I love your referencing of the Gardens Oval in Darwin. I can’t remember seeing any housing nearby or is it the Casino that you are worried about, perhaps it’s the amphitheater.
But I have to admit you have given all the readers a perfect example of what a NIMBY is. I just wonder if you complain to all and sundry if your neighbours leave their backyard lights on.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
I agree James but there will always be those narrow visioned few that believe their personal rights far outweigh something that could be for the greater good.

Three men escape from gaol
Amazing amount of knowledge of prison procedures expressed possibly balanced only by the complete lack of knowledge and understanding of how the cottage facility works.
It is possibly not surprising if your knowledge base is gleaned from 4 Corners or from a friend who knows somebody that once worked or visited there.

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