Awesome about 3% of the population. Seriously, what do the …

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Awesome about 3% of the population. Seriously, what do the other 24,000 people think?

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Alice wants substantial increase in solar: survey
@ Hunter Trolle: Thank you for confirming my opinion that this survey was/is as I described it:
Your statement “Laurence obviously has no idea about statistical surveys and voluntary participation in them. I filled in my survey at the Show, and saw them approaching people at the markets regularly” confirms this: Hand picked respondents do not make a random sample, so any “evidence” gained from this exercise is flawed from the start.
It seems to be a common practice to use statistical evidence to suit your purpose with either “Dorothy Dixer” questions or cherry picked statistical results. Neither of these options will give true evidence.
As I stated previously I like many others DO want a sustainable, reliable source of renewable energy but as I also said not at the cost of my first and second born.
I’m so glad this cheap form of energy is just on the horizon, so is regular space travel, world peace and the Wallabies winning back the Bledisloe Cup.

Alice wants substantial increase in solar: survey
@ Richard Bentley: Sorry, it’s a rubbish survey, it’s a survey of those who have/had a vested interest in the topic.
What it really tells me is that only 3% of the population could be bothered to reply to the questionnaire. That does not make it a good sample size.
Perhaps the other 24,000 are looking south of the border at the flagship state for renewable energy and are horrified at their cost of renewable energy.
SA currently has the most expensive and unreliable power generation in Australia.
I have a belief that most people actually do want a sustainable, reliable source of renewable energy but not at the price of selling their first and second born children to afford it.

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‘Govt fracking jobs figures out by a factor of 10’
I just can’t wait to see page 52.

Warrant for police search of construction firm office
I have to agree with Richard here, it is a very thin line you tread when reporting (?) items such as this.
Very unprofessional and I believe it flies in the face of any presumption of innocence, even if something comes of this search warrant “news” items like this are nothing better than gossip.
Very disappointing almost to the point of being malicious.

Hundreds of empty plastic wine bottles in Todd
Thank you Alex: I enjoyed this anecdote from our colourful past but I can’t help but wonder if Allumba was a play on the brand name Yalumba. It fits with the vague “water in arid places” reference.

Hundreds of empty plastic wine bottles in Todd
Millions of years ago before plastic bottles were all the rage we had problems with “goon bags” and their cardboard containers being dumped everywhere.
But even before that there were these awesome two litre flagons made of glass which were excellent for smashing on the ground once finished with and their other amazing use was to inflict serious injury after being used as a weapon.
I guess this is progress.

Same sex marriage campaign in the bush takes to YouTube
OK. I admit it I am highly amused by both sides of this debate. The rhetoric for or against and general inability to believe the opposing side has any right to dare mention their beliefs.
I example this by using a line from Mary’s post: “I feel very sorry and sad for all those people who are so conditioned by their believes that they think they have the right to tell us how we should be, behave and vote.” Isn’t that exactly what you were doing in your post?
To denigrate somebody else’s beliefs and morals is not the way to change their opinion, that is usually done by civil debate and discussion. If that doesn’t work then agree to disagree and move on (it’s called maturity in some circles).
I know many people (friends) with deeply held religious convictions, I also have many friends who would quite possibly burst into flames if they entered a church (myself included).
I value all of them but don’t necessarily agree with them on all or any subject matter.
I guess if we stopped being offended by something we disagree with so often we may actually achieve some greater good, but this debate like so many others, is only increasing the rifts in our society.

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