With you, Laurence. Never got asked for my vote! …

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With you, Laurence. Never got asked for my vote!

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Council not keen on offer of help to fight crime
As a long time local born and raised here, have seen this happen on and off in the last 10 to 15 years, and it getting worse every time it happens.
The younger generation has no respect for anyone or anything as the parents are getting to many benefits and are not looking after there children.
The do gooders are blaming the government and everyone else but the parents.
When I was growing wished I got half of what’s on offer nowadays, so don’t go blaming the government or councils. Look in your own backyard to see the problem. By the way, where is the night patrol that our taxes pay for?

Meeting in CM office will be Transport Hall’s ‘make or break’
Unbelievable. This government soon as they got in, up went the Berrimah line again. Liz and her volunteers work hard out there to share the past and present of the trucking industry all all they get is a kick in the guts for their effort. Shame on the Gunner Government if you can call it that!

Art at Anzac oval: No new rugby fields, says Lambley
What’s wrong with the old drive in?

Council not keen on offer of help to fight crime
So true Michael Dean, but on the other foot, where is the night patrol and parents of these little darlings that are wreaking havoc all over town?

Territorians join nation in majority same sex marriage vote
Most of the votes letters were stolen anyway, but let’s see if it gets through Parliament.
Just one question: Why do gays and lesbians always have to be the focal point every time, thought we were all human beings!

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