With you, Laurence. Never got asked for my vote! …

Comment on Alice wants substantial increase in solar: survey by Alice Local.

With you, Laurence. Never got asked for my vote!

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Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: it’s not over yet
Pretty sure there’s more important issues around Alice Springs than a flag on Anzac Hill.

Bailed juveniles next-door to you soon?
Dale should try it out next door to her house see how it works out for her!

Stolen car torched, youths arrested, bailed
What a joke our justice system is.
They are probably out on bail for the 10th time. I just feel sorry for the police who have to waste time chasing these morons when they have better things to do.

Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
Damn shame to see you go Liz, after all the hard work you and your volunteers have done out there. Pity the government doesn’t see it that way as it’s shame to see they are not human like us!

Bottle shop cops may not like it, but are needed
Surprised: You hit the nail on the head, same with other Aboriginal corporations they won’t commit to anything to solve the PROBLEMS.

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