Solar and storage is very close to being the cheapest …

Comment on Alice wants substantial increase in solar: survey by Hunter Trolle.

Solar and storage is very close to being the cheapest form of electricity. The networks are yet to adapt but it is on the horizon.
Laurence obviously has no idea about statistical surveys and voluntary participation in them. I filled in my survey at the Show, and saw them approaching people at the markets regularly.
816 responses in a town the size of Alice Springs is a commendable effort.
The future is in renewables, there are no two ways about it.
Pull your heads out of the sand – the sun is shining again today and we should be making and storing electricity from it. Most people in Alice Springs want us to be getting the bulk of our electricity from the sun.
Expensive power on the east coast is driven by gas prices because the companies have exported it all overseas.
The sooner and bolder our solar vision for this town is, the better it will be for us economically.
Don’t knock people who are working for a brighter future for this town. Huge respect for the RePower crew. Thanks for your efforts.

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