Begs the question why, even in 1963 and definitely in …

Comment on Lambley: Asbestos just one problem in hospital by R Henry.

Begs the question why, even in 1963 and definitely in 1976, was asbestos even considered to be used in the hospital or any other building.

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Lambley: Asbestos just one problem in hospital
Alex: The nasties of this product was known as early as the 1920s with some American unions having regulations connected with handling and working with it.
My father taught us this in the late 1940s and while doing an apprenticeship in the mid 1950s a Belgian tradesman reinforced these learnings and again while in the services late 1950s to early 1960s more knowledge was available.
So the ADS of Australia report and the fact that is was in use is not an answer to my question.

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