Thank you for this reportage. Reading it brings me back …

Comment on Voices call, Nature responds: Desert Song in the gorge by Evelyne Roullet.

Thank you for this reportage. Reading it brings me back to this beautiful event.

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Nine-year-old girl playing in park assaulted
Psuedo Guru, I agree with you as this government is really not functioning as is should accept three responsibilities every government has towards its citizens:
1 Protect: The oldest and simplest justification for government is as protector: protecting citizens from violence. Gunner is not.
2. Provide: The concept of government as provider comes next: government as provider of goods and services that individuals cannot provide individually for themselves. Security for our proprieties is a service that we are not getting.
3. Invest in talent: The most important priority of government as investor is indeed education, but education cradle-to-grave. Any child on the street during school time should be taken back to his/her school and absenteeism without medical reason should be treated as child neglected.
@ Dr Ongo: Exactly, they may be Aboriginal or part Aboriginal part European; but then the accused could decide under which law he/she wants to be judged.

Nine-year-old girl playing in park assaulted
Bring back legally customary law and tribal punishment.
Aboriginal tribal law is often seen as harsh and brutal, but it ensured order and discipline.
If Aboriginal people want to keep their culture, respect their ancestors and their law puts them into a dilemma: How does this fit into the contemporary legal world, and how can Aboriginal people also claim equality and human rights?
Aboriginal people could still follow and practice customary law but there is no law that binds lawyers and judges to take traditional law into consideration

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
@ Mark Wilson, Posted May 19, 2018 at 2:02 pm
… with endless excuses made and programs on offer.
The same tired methods will produce the same outcomes.
All methods? Not yet. Why not community service as punishment? Cleaning parks,streets, town camps, clearing buffel grass which after all is growing on their land.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
@ Hannah Millerick, Posted May 19, 2018 at 9:15 am
“These kids are out at night because they don’t want to be home. Home is not safe.”
Not totally true, as I remember very well when I had to put arc mesh on my son’s window to stop him going out when I was sleeping.I can tell you our home was safe.
Like Scotty I think often about the good old school Sergeant. Not only he gave my son a kick up the arse, but locked him up for the night and took him to visit Giles House to show him what will happen if he does not change his behavior. No court, no publicity, and I did not complain but said THANK YOU.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
John: Where to now, Alicians?
Into the abyss until the politicians become responsible for their portfolio and their performance: No results, no salary!
They have to stop patting themselves on the back, try to brainwash us with their grand-new ideas.
ACER’s Progressive Achievement approach is used in thousands of schools in Australia and around the world. Let’s do the same with our leaders without waiting for the next election.

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