Nerys and I are in Darwin so we missed this …

Comment on Voices call, Nature responds: Desert Song in the gorge by Ted Egan.

Nerys and I are in Darwin so we missed this awesome gathering. Congratulations Kieran and Erwin for such a beautiful coverage. All strength to Morris and Barb Stuart for taking us to these musical heights. Congrats to all choir members. Ormiston is truly a fitting venue for such magic.

Recent Comments by Ted Egan

Town still upset with Stuart statue, say researchers
As the father of the sculptor I am biased, but I hope that the people who object to the Stuart statue are consistent and demand the removal of all the Lest We Forget statues throughout Australia, where the figure portrayed also has a firearm.
My son’s other statues at Aileron depict a First Australian man with a weapon, also a First Australian woman who has just killed a goanna. How dare people carry weapons in order to live off the land? I’ll have to speak to my son, but I guess he has inherited suspect genes.
Stuart’s track record as he explored Australia was exemplary.

Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light?
It’s the old story: “There are problems, but they are manageable.”
Let the government be aware of the attitudes of NT voters re fracking. The voters are the people to be affected; they know that we depend absolutely on the quality of the groundwater that we use.
Anything constituting a risk in that area is lunacy, both in health and political terms. Leave the gas where it is. Harness the sun, the wind and the tides for energy.

Flair, imagination, vitality: Watch This Space in 2017
This is what makes Alice Springs such a special, different place in which to live. Congratulations to all, especially Elliat.

When NT was officially ‘a country for the White Man’
Isn’t it fascinating that the “Nimby”s of the world never supply their identity.
“Modern wealthy leftist historians” indeed. Very wrong on all counts.
I was reminded of a similar Letter to the Editor from an unknown critic of mine who wrote, at the time of my appointment as Administrator: “Must we have a left-wing demagogue as Administrator?” I had to look up “demagogue” in the dictionary and had a good laugh when I did so.
Please, Nimby, enlighten us: what exactly do you mean by “everyone else’s tribalism”?

Street kids: Is Positive Loitering worth a try?
100 years ago no “foreigner” would have dared come to Alice Springs / Mbantua without the permission of the Arranta people.
You can bet your life that the vast majority of these kids are from “foreign” language groups, but now hell bent on vandalism, living on the fringes of Alice Springs society, in the grip of Centrelink, as most of their parents / guardians are required to be here either to collect social service money or get medical attention, or both. Given access to minimal money and subject to no discipline, these kids are doomed.
The Arranta elders need to read the Riot Act to them, in Arranta language and discuss with their parents the old rules and the means of enforcing them.
Surely CLC – ironically major shareholders of Kittles(!) – should be required to organise such a confrontation.
Bob Katter recently reminded us that western punitive measures do not work. Put these kids into “detention” and you will produce a knowledgeable criminal for the outlay of a mere $500,000 per year per student to enable that to occur.
The sooner the Territory government and the Feds draw up regional treaties with the various language groups of this region, the better.
Return to the principles envisaged in the 1960s Land Rights demonstrations. Take people back to where they are the rightful owners, and embark on a start to the Bob Beadman towns that were envisaged 10 years ago.
All social services to be paid at Yuendumu, Papunya, Ali Curung etc., but only payable on the understanding that all members of local groups have the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and will undergo any necessary training to enable the creation of normal, fully serviced towns.
Forget the euphemisms like community, camp, outstation: all Australians deserve the same level of lifestyle as other people get in other Australian country towns. Schools, hospitals, houses, water and electricity, bitumen roads, libraries, museums, motels, shops, cattle and vegetable gardens. And gaols!
All of such towns can be created with Aboriginal labour and staffed by Aboriginal people. It’s not apartheid: it’s land rights.
NT First Australians should all be affluent on their large land holdings. But on the fringes of western society towns they will only achieve the status of dependent, mendicant no hopers. That has been the norm of this land since Governor Macquarie. Our Central Australian First Australians deserve better.
Yes, the behaviour of these little monsters is appalling. But imagine this town in 10 years time if something sensible is not implemented, right now.

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