It is her funeral today at Ntaria. I remember the …

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It is her funeral today at Ntaria. I remember the huge new house she had at Trucking Yards.
Brand new but she had her “family” all climbing through the windows because the doors were locked. No bed, it had been taken by “family”.
She was often begging for a bed but I think if she had one it would also have been taken.
Her art was delicate and inspired. I am glad I have one small piece.
She would sometimes sleep at my house when everything got too difficult. I think if the royalty money had come through it might have meant their artwork as a family would never have appeared. They painted because they were hungry.
Rest in Peace Lenie.
Alice Springs, 15 November 2017.

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Plans to reform planning can’t come soon enough
Nice work Erwin !
Planning can be messy at the best of times but you seem to have brought it out in the open even if those in charge have not.

Gallery poll: less than 40% wanted Anzac Oval
Anzac Oval is a whitefella sacred site. If you want Aboriginal Art look at Araluen Art Centre. Leave the Oval for sport! Hetti P and Philip W are right.
And, If a town like Alice cannot fly the Aboriginal Flag on ANZAC Hill permanently then it sends a mutant message to everyone of us wanting a National Aboriginal Culture Centre.

Council: Aboriginal flag will fly but not the art gallery
SHAME JOB. Council may have brought themselves and the town of Alice Springs into disrepute last Monday night by not endorsing the permanent flying of the Aboriginal flag on ANZAC Hill. This constitutes flag tampering at the council level.
And another thing, council showed the most contempt for the town by passing a bylaw prohibiting people from selling art in the Mall without a permit to do so.
This bylaw should now be rescinded and permits should be issued with no fear or favour.
I know the background. Art galleries in the Mall asked the question some years ago: “We are paying council rates and struggling. Why should artists be allowed to sell on the streets in front of our galleries?”
Did it not occur to those galleries that it is a tourist attraction and should now be encouraged?
One last thing. I watch Sport on Anzac Oval and I view exquisite rare Aboriginal art at Araluen.

Rampaging kids: Dale Wakefield drops the ball
Well said Erwin. You are so right . A $50 million Aboriginal Art Centre would not help one Daybreaker.

National Indigenous gallery process hijacked?
South Australia plans to build the National Aboriginal Art Gallery. It might be a more sober thought without all the pre-election froth and bubbles to now acknowledge Araluen Art Centre. Worth way more than $50 million with its existing staff, collections and established culture it sits right under our upturned noses.

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