Then they qualify for Kindergarten? Taxpayer funds are wasted – …

Comment on The magic Certificate III: How does Batchelor stack up? by Just another Rort.

Then they qualify for Kindergarten? Taxpayer funds are wasted – give them physical work on farms.

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Step closer for rare earth mine employing up to 370
Chinese would build a flood mitigation dam with water pipes to the mine site by March 19 – if invited. Qantas would then re-consider Alice Springs as the number two pilot training site.

More government handouts for alcohol traders
Benefits cards for food and medicine only, no cash, as used in other centres, massively reduce alcohol consumption.

How much of our relationship with Aborigines is hypocrisy?
Dependency on government handouts is rife in Australia. It destroys the will to work.
Crime stats show many more Indigenous people incarcerated. 65,000 years is long enough to integrate socially – and earn respect.
European settlers history has shown many wars and so on, but they have moved on in historical terms.

Batten down the hatches
URGENT: Build the flood mitigation dam to catch precious water and create jobs.

Development fund dumped to pay for mounting debt
Politicians and benefit recipients spend workers’ hard earned taxes.
That’s democracy – a recipe for losers.

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