PS: I would like to ask why two married homosexuals …

Comment on Alice’s upbeat YES campaign for marriage equality by Evelyne Roullet.

PS: I would like to ask why two married homosexuals should earn more than two married lesbians if they doing the same work?

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Alice’s upbeat YES campaign for marriage equality
To all who are demanding equal rights I ask why an Australian women earn 23% less than men, according to workplace equality scorecard? This is out of context? Maybe not.
As we ask same rights for sexual life, we should demand same rights for working life.

Alice’s upbeat YES campaign for marriage equality
I do not think that the “No”voices are only for religious groups. I believe they keep quiet not to be picked on by the “Yes” bullies who assume that everybody must agree with them: “Shame on you, you are not for equality”. Businesses advertised their support for Yes, should the No boycott them?

Same sex marriage for true love sure but why not for bigamy? One can truly love more than one person. I voted No, not because of the same sex, but because I am against marriage all together. In my eyes unless it is for religious beliefs marriage is an outmoded institution. De Facto is the way.

What is a de facto relationship?

“A de facto relationship is defined in Section 4AA of the Family Law Act 1975. The law requires that you and your former partner, who may be of the same or opposite sex, had a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine domestic basis.”

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Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
@ Mark Wilson, Posted May 19, 2018 at 2:02 pm
… with endless excuses made and programs on offer.
The same tired methods will produce the same outcomes.
All methods? Not yet. Why not community service as punishment? Cleaning parks,streets, town camps, clearing buffel grass which after all is growing on their land.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
@ Hannah Millerick, Posted May 19, 2018 at 9:15 am
“These kids are out at night because they don’t want to be home. Home is not safe.”
Not totally true, as I remember very well when I had to put arc mesh on my son’s window to stop him going out when I was sleeping.I can tell you our home was safe.
Like Scotty I think often about the good old school Sergeant. Not only he gave my son a kick up the arse, but locked him up for the night and took him to visit Giles House to show him what will happen if he does not change his behavior. No court, no publicity, and I did not complain but said THANK YOU.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
John: Where to now, Alicians?
Into the abyss until the politicians become responsible for their portfolio and their performance: No results, no salary!
They have to stop patting themselves on the back, try to brainwash us with their grand-new ideas.
ACER’s Progressive Achievement approach is used in thousands of schools in Australia and around the world. Let’s do the same with our leaders without waiting for the next election.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
Today, throughout the world, around 218 million children work, many full-time.
They do not go to school and have little or no time to play.
Many do not receive proper nutrition or care.
They are denied the chance to be children.
More than half of them are exposed to the worst forms of child labour such as work in hazardous environments, slavery, or other forms of forced labour, illicit activities including drug trafficking and prostitution, as well as involvement in armed conflict.
The 10 places where child labor is most prevalent are Eritrea, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Yemen.
May be a trip to one of those countries could open the eyes of our little pampered kids here.
I am ready to sponsor one child if such a trip gets organised.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
Until the culprits have to work to pay for the damages nothing will change.
I did not say the parents, the kids who have absolutely no understanding of the value of things including the clothes on their back.
“Discipline your children while there is hope. Otherwise you will ruin their lives.”

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