Pity there wasn’t an answer that said equality in marriage …

Comment on Alice’s upbeat YES campaign for marriage equality by Ross Chippendale.

Pity there wasn’t an answer that said equality in marriage is equality in suffering.

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SA Government mum on cattle deals in APY Lands
Excellent photo. Those dust storms could be epic, couldn’t they. Catching one about to hit is great timing. I recall riding a bicycle around during these storms, wearing a handkerchief for dust protection. Many did that actually. Not today.

CBD planning: The vibrants are at it again
Who and what are the Vibrants? I recall a 1960s Aussie pop group by that name and recall a candidate saying Alice had been vibrant, but none of that seems relevant. Who are they please? Or is it Town Code?

Pine Gap and the Nobel prize the Oz government ignores
Dear Robert, I am totally unaware that “contemplation” of any kind can be prevented. It’s the creation of something that matters, is it not?
And thank you for your martyrdom, someone has to do it. As long as it’s someone else.

Hundreds of empty plastic wine bottles in Todd
How could this be after so many moons have passed? Must be a cultural thing I guess. What happens long term is always culture, is it not?

The unfinished business of Sorry Day
I have no doubt at all that many children are being removed from families and will become a “stolen generation” if we must put a label on it.
To me, this is inevitable in today’s Australia. I speak of all children, not just Indigenous. In the major cities children are regularly removed from families and when one looks at the circumstances the child was “living in” mostly you could not disagree that the home they had was less than suitable.
These kids are regularly abused, abandoned and worse by people not fit to care for an egg.
Clearly, the children are not safe in those environments. Drugs and alcohol would be the things people blame for this but the truth is that parents make decisions to use those substances and care not for their kids until afterwards, if at all.
Having seen how many Indigenous children were treated by their families years ago I cannot condemn them to remaining at home with parents who abuse and neglect them.
My mother was one who took some of these kids in at times to give the family some relief. That was through the CWA. So it’s a problem that has been around as long as people have had children and it is NOT unique to any race or religion etc. It is common to all humans.
There are many of us who will criticise this sort of action, removing children, but what options do those kids have?
Stay and be destroyed or removed and maybe still destroyed. Foster families do not have a good record of giving adopted kids a good life. I lived next door to one such family and the children they gave a home to were always suffering. We heard it often as kids ourselves.
As I see it nothing has changed for children through the ages. Sorry can never make up for what they suffer and lose.
Can I say to Mr Tilmouth that the parents of these pending stolen children are the problem and always will be.
“Indigenous people are still waiting for the second step,” said Mr Tilmouth, “which is to have a say in the control of their own affairs.”
I advise Mr Tilmouth that waiting to be given what he wants is a losing strategy. Most groups that have success in getting what they want must take what they want. Or, at least create it first.
Making speeches and writing letters will never achieve what he seems to want. Indigenous people in this country have been given many chances to have “a say in the control of their affairs”. Just look at ATSIC. How much was given through that authority and where did the control go?
Certainly not to the whole people, just those running the show. C’est la vie, Mr Tilmouth. Don’t beg mate, create the control that you want and apply it, government has been waiting for someone to show them what to do. They have no idea as we all have seen over decades.
The children? How do you change that many parents, Mr Tilmouth? The same goes for all children in this country mate. How are these parents changed? Do we need to issue licenses to be parents? It feels like we need that but it is ridiculous to even suggest it.
People have children but have no idea what they are doing and resent the commitment afterwards. There must be valid training for those wanting to be parents for them to change.
I have written this, not as a criticism, but as a way to let people think about why things get so bad. Stop that before it does become so awful. After is never good enough.
Don’t EVER wait for politicians to act. They won’t.

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