What about those M/F couples who get married and have …

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What about those M/F couples who get married and have no intention of having children?
I know of several couples with this view. Bang goes the procreation theory.
And I’m afraid many religions have bent the rules to suit themselves. Child abuse covered up but unwed couples who are having / had children outside of marriage are shunned by the their employer, the Catholic Church. My daughter is a classic example.
She has raised two beautiful children with her partner, but not married and was made to feel like an outcast at the Catholic School where she worked.
No goodbye and good luck when she went on maternity leave, no nothing.
My other daughter is gay and has been in a loving stable relationship with a lovely girl who has three children, one boy and two girls. No stress levels there.
And when my daughter came out as gay she was 17 and had lived with this knowledge for three years but did not want to burden me with her “problem” while I was going through a marriage break up.
Her coming out was like this: Mum and Dad I’ve got three things to tell you. UH-OH, she’s pregnant, in trouble with the police or owes someone money were my thoughts.
Firstly she said, I’ve had my hip pierced. Yuk I said.
Secondly, when I go out drinking at the pub (hang on you are only 17, but to think about it I did the same) I also smoke. Hmmm.
Thirdly my friend Tash is also my partner. By this time she was crying and wanted a hug. This I duly gave her and said I have one thing to say to you. What, she said, trembling and crying? Give up the smokes I said. No pain, no discarding of her, no telling her she was bad and what had we done wrong.
I love her as much today as then and her father does too.
Sorry, Father, but you can’t have it both ways. God’s love is inclusive not exclusive. Desmond Tutu once said that if God was homophobic he would prefer the other place and I totally agree with him.

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You can vote No with love: Alice priest
@ James T Smerk: Tick for your comment.

You can vote No with love: Alice priest
@ Bruce: “Then there is the situation that the LGBTIQ community now desires access to an institution (marriage) that it has denigrated over several decades.”
Can you please explain this quote?

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