John Bell: If you call my comment firing shots then …

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John Bell: If you call my comment firing shots then I don’t think you know what a respectful argument means.
I was just trying to show the hypocrisy in Mr Raass’s argument. He said the church disavows unjust discrimination, and also discriminating against homosexuals is a great moral evil.
He says that but then promotes discrimination. Can you see the hypocrisy?
I would like some clarification from him as to whether he is for or against discrimination. As to his response to the survey he can and will do whatever way he likes.

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You can vote No with love: Alice priest
@ John Bell: I didn’t say that. Actually I just pointed out that that is what Mr Raass said. He said it and then promotes discrimination? Weird.

You can vote No with love: Alice priest
“The church disavows all forms of unjust discrimination” but promotes discrimination.
“Any laws that discriminate against homosexuals perpetrate a great moral evil that must be resisted.” So vote yes and end discriminatory laws.

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‘Government’s secret decision making’
So Mr Gunner is telling us there is no reason to vote for many of the Labor pollies as they won’t be allowed to represent us in important decision making in Parliament. What do we pay them for if they aren’t allowed to represent us?

Where has Cr Melky been all these years?
Cutting welfare may not be so successful as you imagine Mark.
Quite a few people I know have chosen to not take welfare, and hope for help from their families.
It may lead to futher problems, definitely more poverty and all the issues that that brings.

Nine-year-old girl playing in park assaulted
Bring back customary law? The drunken Aboriginal? The offenders are of Aboriginal appearance according to police.
That means they may be Aboriginal or part Aboriginal part European.
Probably the latter, perhaps descended from those nobel white pioneers who fathered many children often with women barely out of childhood, but abandoned most of their children.
Makes sense. Where else would this evil behaviour come from?

Buffel grass: Don’t blame (only) the CSIRO
Your pasture, Steve, is spreading and causing huge damage to the environment and biodiversity. Your justification of feeding hungry people doesn’t stack up either.
Plant foods produce so much more food per area than beef ever will.
This is a noxious weed south of the border and north as well.
Can we get some of those buffle eating caterpillars over from Queensland before it spreads and ravages more native plant communities.

A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer.
There is a dam just south of the gap, some people call it a causeway. Anyone who has floated down the river on a lilo would know that the river slows and spreads as you come near the causeways. If they are lowered and especially if the couch and buffle grass are removed then the sand can wash through and the river will be deeper, allowing more water through quicker.

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