I am getting sick of this. All these Yes people …

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I am getting sick of this. All these Yes people are pushing this crap and sending texts to people’s phones.
As you guess I am a no voter. I don’t have a problem with gay or lesbian people, they can be great people. As for being able to marry as the same as straight couples no way.
If this is the case and it gets accepted I would not ohave married. They should be able to create a new format but not called marriage.
I may sound terrible but that’s HOW I feel and no one should tell me what to do or say.
By the way, a kid 17 years old got knocked out because he said No when a rally was passing through. He was with his family doing nothing wrong and someone came up and asked him his choice and that’s what happens! So much for peace.

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Pollution? High fliers get it easy.
Hi Erwin
Just to clarify a few things I don’t like the dumping of fuel it is an environmental nightmare.
However in terms of this situation the plane needed to. A plane is filled up plus a bit more for emergency to get to their destination.
This case they had to empty fuel otherwise many lives are at risk. A plane cannot land with that amount of fuel.
I am not 100 percent sure but Alice Springs airstrip maybe shorter than a main or larger airport.
[ED – Jon, please read the report and then comment.]

Elders appeal to respect sacred sites
All your comments are very interesting! Someone made the point it was left up to the bushfires council?
1. Unfortunately, this is not in their area.
2. Cultural burns in the Todd River are very dangerous unless special techniques are used.
This article mentions tourist and visitors please respect sacred sites? This comes to me as a real surprise.
This week three fires have been ignited in the Todd River and these fires have been lit by members of the public walking through the river.
To my knowledge I don’t think visitors walk through the river. There are many sacred sites that we are not aware of and if we found out some of these I guarantee that some of these red gums which have been burnt are sacred.
To use visitors as a cause is a total cop out and highly offensive.
I once lived in the Alice and coming back to visit I see the same issue occurring.
Programs need to be implemented in which our local Indigenous can participate in fire management. The young adults need educating from their elders.

Buffel inaction makes mockery of parks hype
Steve: Once again this topic has come up and again you show that you have little experience in this apart from buffel supplies food for your cows.
A few things: Buffel does not help the soil nutrients. It takes them so other plants and trees cant grow.
Fire is very important for our native vegetation. However buffel provides a large fuel load and is a high danger to life, infrastructure and white gums. Yes when you’re property goes up in flames whom are you going to contact, Steve?
The only thing which you have said that is true is that it helps with soil erosion. But this is not natural it has been introduced – what was used before?
If we have a issue in soil erosion there are other management tools which we can use.
The last comment is that if we introduce cattle in to our parks the Macs will not get their world heritage status.
Leave your comments to something you really understand e.g. how to put cows in a truck.

Traumatic trip shows need for palliative care hospice
I was a patient in the alice springs hospital. They didn’t know what to do and gave me a number of medications like I was a guinea pig. After days in hospital I was then flown down to Adelaide and I was better in half a day or so. If you’re in pain hop on a plane.

CLP candidate rejects ‘racist’ employment policies
You’re right, Warren, non-Indigenous do have drinking issues but let’s put it into perspective. I would say 20% at a population of about 25 million to a ratio of 50% of about 200,000.
As for racism, yes, it is a large issue and no one should go through it but tell me if they are called Abos and we are white crackers, isn’t that the same?
They get first option at jobs and a lot of other benefits for free while non-Indigenous have to work hard and pay for it.
Isn’t this racism? I have many Indigenous friends and we have this conversation and they totally agree, and that’s from their own people.

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