Father Raass is a no vote and Father Brennan from …

Comment on You can vote No with love: Alice priest by Scarlett Grant.

Father Raass is a no vote and Father Brennan from Catholic Uni is voting Yes. So the teachings are do what is right for you.

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Pine Gap and the Nobel prize the Oz government ignores
With the planned actions or events. Cate, hope this planning also addresses the planned clean up after or will it be history repeating itself again. I am sure ALEC / ASTC could educate participants on the impact if required.

Hundreds of empty plastic wine bottles in Todd
How ridiculous! Why seek comment from the police? Why not seek comments from ASTC, AAPA or those responsible? Or have police taken over the rates, rubbish and roads. Must have missed that media release.

On youth prisons: grandmothers, reformers, revolutionaries
Apart from talking, what are the grandmothers actually doing? Are they going to join the male elders with the proposal of engaging our young people on the streets?

Police clash with protestors
How many victims of family violence sustained further assaults whilst waiting for police attendance due to this fiasco?
How many patrols to prevent crime were prevented?
How many this, that and the other were delayed, how many businesses were impacted, the list goes on and on.
If they really cared about the incarceration rate would they not do something to contribute to the solution? Obviously not.

Bushmob quits Loves Creek deal: Government let us down
1) Where does this leave the five remaining if Priest Street is at capacity?
2) What happened to the infrastrure from the defunct Abbott youth outstation that was government funded?
3) Is it the case that there needs to be greater classification of those attending Loves Creek? Despite the commitment of Bushmob for some it may take longer than others and the classification may assist in negating some of the risk.

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