@ Number 19: “Work for the Dole” is discredited because …

Comment on Dreamtime stories in the palm of your hand by Mark Wilson.

@ Number 19: “Work for the Dole” is discredited because the projects, like painting rocks white, often have little real value or meaning. We all know this.
Surely here is a genuine activity that could be replicated across many communities that would give meaning and value to the scheme. I’m not sure that paying again over and beyond Centrelink benefits would be taken up if it resulted in Centrelink being cancelled by your suggestion.
Nor do I buy your argument that Tourism NT need to buy respect in order to show it. People earn respect, not buy it in the end.
Indigenous elders would find a real role in cultural maintenance. If Indigenous wish to share their culture I don’t entertain that anyone needs to be paid twice to do so.
This simply demonstrates that culture has been prostituted to a commodity with a $$ value.

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Dreamtime stories in the palm of your hand
The continuing health of the rock art in Emily Gap, with its easy access to all, is really quite surprising when seen in light of the Twin Gums and the Pine Gap men’s site experiences.
I have long felt that unemployed people from Amoonguna could well be enticed as a work for the dole activity to sit and protect their cultural heritage 24/7 in keeping with their traditions.
Such activity would surely be in keeping with cultural maintenance far better than any school based activity for future generations.
What a wonderful living venue also for cultural interchange with tourists well beyond what an App can provide. The App could then be seen as supporting a real, lived experience.

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Fracking OK, but under ‘strict laws’ – Gunner
The NT is BROKE. And with falling GST revenues it isn’t getting better any time soon, folks.
We are used to milking the states of their revenue.
Territorians have grown used to their “entitlements” being fed regularly at the expense of those who actually create the wealth.
We go to Centrelink in huge numbers on “Pay Day”. So what is NT Government to do?
I feel like we are seeing the future, as pristine Antarctica is mined, as world resources diminish.

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
On another note … We all know the NT Government is BROKE yet they plan behaving like drunk sailors. Unless of course there is another disgraceful funding scheme like we learn (thanks to the Alice Springs News) funded the Supreme Court.
Is this the time for any large capital expenditure? Let’s sort out the crime and behaviour problems in town; sort the expensive airfares and tourists will come!
Then we can plan a demand-driven National Art Gallery! Guess spending borrowed money is a simpler option. It usually is so.

National Indigenous Gallery advisors: ‘Release full report’
@ Original Centralian: What is “going on” is that politicians are involved.
They have multiple objectives to satisfy. Prime would be political objectives.
If CM Gunner thinks we will take his site decision lying down I feel he’s in for a surprise.
I recall Gough Whitlam being equally arrogant and ignoring local concerns with his “You’re getting Galston” statement for the site of Western Sydney airport.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: it’s not over yet
If indeed, as stated by Cr Satour, that the petition is “a very strong representation of the community that is in support of the flag” it is nevertheless a very poor result for the fly the flag case. While 1000 plus people is significant, it falls well short, indeed even close, to the majority of residents.
Perhaps we need to move away from pressure groups attempting to impose either view and instead get our Alice Springs Town Council to collect signatures and addresses of all interested residents.
The front desk at the council is one way to collect a true feeling over – say – a two week period without significant expense. Out of towners could email their vote.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: the nays have it 
I have previously supported here the flying of the Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill but acknowledge that doing so raises issues and potential problems. First, and perhaps most importantly there needs to be clear majority support, not a simple majority in either the community or indeed the council or RSL. Secondly it would need an understanding in my mind that this does not raises further expectations for the Torres Strait flag or for that matter any others. Central Australia is simply not the Top End. One should not imply the other for reasons of political correctness. Perhaps my greatest concern is that the Aboriginal flag may be used for political purposes with attempts to have it flying at half-mast whenever it suits vested interests. This would be a disaster for reconciliation.

It seems a ‘no brainer’ that here in the centre of Aboriginal Australia that it is most appropriate to fly the flag that represents the oldest culture in our nation. Yes, the national flag does this too. I do not see any contradictions in acknowledging the ancient Aboriginal presence in our region. The argument that we should hoist just a single flag seems to imply that the NT flag should not be flown either. Each has a different purpose nor diminishes the other.

Considering all the above I am not convinced that we are sufficiently mature to embrace that in the words of Bruce Woodley of ‘The Seekers’ and Dobe Newton of ‘The Bushwackers’ that “We are one ….. We are many ….. We are Australian!”. Perhaps on reflection it’s not such a great idea at this time ’till we grow up.

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