Re “no to Police violence”. How do you know that …

Comment on Police clash with protestors by Kumara.

Re “no to Police violence”.
How do you know that their name tags where not on them at the start of the protest?
Any thought that their name tags quite possibly got ripped off them during the “scuffle”.
How do you know it was a “deliberate attempt by them to escape accountability?
Why didn’t you go up to the police officers and ask them their name/s if you were that concerned that they didn’t have their name tag on?!

Recent Comments by Kumara

Choked, kicked, but no complaint ever responded to
Umm, hello! If these little darlings didn’t do the crime in the first place they wouldn’t be in Don Dale in the first place.
What we are failing to remember here is that these “kids” are not angels and are not / were not put in Don Dale for stealing a bag of lollies.
I realise that the guards employed to protect these little darlings probably are not angels either, however how much crap do they have to put up with before their health, safety and welfare is compromised?
I know first hand that spit hoods and restraints are only used on these angels as a last resort, I’d like to see anyone else having to put up with being spat on (in the mouth, eyes area) and or threatened with physical abuse on a daily basis and see how they would react.
The real victims of these angels’ crimes are the ones who are suffering, not these little buggers.
Save your money Royal Commission, spend it on building something bigger and better for the next round of angels to be housed in.

Black security guards hired to mask racism?
I’ll try to make this short but relevant. Not that long ago I came to Alice for a holiday with my family to catch up with my family who are from Alice and lived in Alice most of their life.
My mother, a well known local Aboriginal women, myself and my son attended Yeperenye Shopping centre to have lunch and do a bit of shopping.
On our way out of Woolies my mother spotted a cousin of hers that she hadn’t seen in a while so she stopped out the front of the Telstra shop where he was waiting for his family who were purchasing a new phone.
They were quiet, happily chatting, catching up on news about family stuff as you do.
Myself and my son were standing next to her listening to their conversation which would have only been roughly five minutes at this stage when the Police Officer who was standing out the front of the bottle shop at woolies left his position to come over to us and ask my mother and her cousin what they were doing?
They looked at each other blankly then looked at the police man and said we talking, why? The policeman said well unless you got business here you’re gonna have to move on! Really?!
My uncle stated to the police man that he was talking to his cousin while waiting for his family who was doing business inside the Telstra shop.
What I had to do to hold my tounge and not give that policeman a piece of my mind was so hard but because I too am a police officer from another jurisdiction and could not believe that this bullshit still happens in this day and age is beyond belief.
And people on this page commenting want to say there is no racism in Alice, don’t kid yourselves. Racism is alive and going strong in Alice.
Because I have fair skin, don’t look Aboriginal according to other non-Aboriginal people, I can sit, stand be behind someone and you can hear the vile coming out about the “blacks in this town”, to them I don’t look Aboriginal so they think they are safe to say what ever they want without any come back, guess what?
Your dead wrong. Be careful what you say in this town, we not all uneducated, unemployed drunks standing up behind you or sitting beside you in the shops.
And just think if it wasn’t for the black fellas in this town you probably wouldn’t have a bloody job yourself.
People of Alice, get educated on the black fellas in their town, their town, they are not all drunks.

Town camp review to have broad scope
Why hasn’t Minister Price addressed the town camps situation sooner? An election coming up Minister?
Is that why all of a sudden you are jumping in this band wagon? Yes, Tangentyere could take on the task of “fixing” houses, general repairs etc just like Housing Commission does for their tenants but why should they take on this enormous job?
Time overdue for government to settle this issue. Fix the bloody houses, you wouldn’t let non-indigenous people live in these conditions. Indigenous people are not victims. We want things fixed in our houses like that of everybody else who pays rent to the government.

Alice Springs native title body in turmoil again
Please forgive my ignorance, but can LAAC please advise who their chairperson is and who allowed or consulted Ken’s consultancy to put forward these ridiculous requests.
Shame job is an understatement.
The chairperson and CEO have got to pull their finger out, LAAC is the laughing stock of the town.
Also board members start putting your name to things otherwise why are you on there if you can stand up for this committee.

CAAAPU under special administration
Hey Janet, who’s Phillip? If your going to put his name in it, we’d be better of knowing who it is, aye? While you’re at it why don’t you name and shame the CEO, chair and the rest of the board. Don’t leave me hangin!

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