OK. I admit it I am highly amused by both …

Comment on Same sex marriage campaign in the bush takes to YouTube by Laurence.

OK. I admit it I am highly amused by both sides of this debate. The rhetoric for or against and general inability to believe the opposing side has any right to dare mention their beliefs.
I example this by using a line from Mary’s post: “I feel very sorry and sad for all those people who are so conditioned by their believes that they think they have the right to tell us how we should be, behave and vote.” Isn’t that exactly what you were doing in your post?
To denigrate somebody else’s beliefs and morals is not the way to change their opinion, that is usually done by civil debate and discussion. If that doesn’t work then agree to disagree and move on (it’s called maturity in some circles).
I know many people (friends) with deeply held religious convictions, I also have many friends who would quite possibly burst into flames if they entered a church (myself included).
I value all of them but don’t necessarily agree with them on all or any subject matter.
I guess if we stopped being offended by something we disagree with so often we may actually achieve some greater good, but this debate like so many others, is only increasing the rifts in our society.

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What REALLY goes on in our streets: Youth worker
What, wait. No, I’m confused, somebody advocating parental obligation?
Ouch!! I just pinched myself it turns out I’m not dreaming, but I must be because we mustn’t foist the burden of responsibility on children’s parents.
Oh, how I love to hear the poor hand-wringing “denizens of the politically correct swamp” (thanks Hal) remind us that raising a child is a whole of community responsibility. Hahahaha.
The children whom my wife and I raised never roamed the streets in gangs, didn’t assault anybody and certainly won’t face a future of zero employ-ability and almost certain incarceration.
And, Chris, it seems you are part of the problem, naturally we must blame someone else.

NT road sealing costs threat to Outback Way?
@ Fred the Philistine: Slavery has been abolished for some time now and chain gangs, although they make great American television, aren’t really an answer.

NT road sealing costs threat to Outback Way?
Could a major contributing cost be the deplorable condition of the existing road between Yulara and the border?
Every time I have traveled this horror stretch of road bits of me fall off, let alone bits of the vehicle.
It is crap, it always has been crap even immediately after somebody has graded it.
Spend the bloody money but do a decent job of it!
It’s that simple.

Turn from endless consulting to making it happen
@ Maskat: Of course you have valid proofs for this “fact”? Please share your proofs.
You can’t scream the sky is falling without offering factual evidence.
But that just isn’t the way with this debate. It’s more like social engineering as was evidenced by this journal’s report on the community meeting held last year.

New attraction while we can’t look after the ones we have?
I hear that the Supreme Court of Australia is requesting the same security as what is being placed around Federal Parliament. Perhaps this could become the new norm for Alice Springs.

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