Wow, can anything be done these days without a fancy …

Comment on Helping offenders on probation and parole stay out of gaol by Local 1.

Wow, can anything be done these days without a fancy sounding acronym? It seems other programs have Frustrated All Involved Leading to Extended Discussions (FAILED), so let’s hope this is not just a load of Creative Repeating of yet Another Program (CRAP).

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Anger mounting over closing of Rock climb
Watchin: You are correct, but the pyramids are man made structures, and burial monuments.
They are not a naturally occurring monolith.
The Nepalese hold Everest in sacred regard, people climb that, more people die there than Ayers Rock.

Anger mounting over closing of Rock climb
Interesting there was a death at King’s Canyon recently, but no call to close that.
Marc has some very interesting info on his blog spot, including some dubious figures from deaths at the resort, wished to make it seem they were actually climbing the rock at the time.
Interesting that the truly sacred areas are actuall visible from the base walk.
The climb itself is of no real cultural interest to the Anangu, until the renters told them it was disrespectful.

Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
Why do we even need this gallery, that will not even sell Aboriginal art?
Surely money would be better spent as an Aboriginal art destination, promoting the seven or eight galleries already operating in the Mall.
Their knowledgeable staff can explain all that any tourist would want to know.
It would just take clever marketing and promotion, without a need for this proposed massive cost.
The government, with the new juvenile centres in the Alice and Darwin, simply cannot afford it.

Black money
Well said, Evelyne.
The business of grovelling apologies, welcome to country and acknowledgement of country have slowly indoctrinated us to accept this level of racism.
We go on about paying respects to people of the past present, and somehow the future for doing something (not sure what exactly) called nurturing the land.
Yet we totally ignore the explorers, adventurers and pioneers who opened up the country and make us the envy of many countries around the world.
The modern brainwashing we are subject to makes us and everybody believe that all of these people killed Aboriginal people whenever they saw them and stole all their children.
Every time you hear one of these silly speeches, which do nothing to advance rectifying the plight of Aboriginal people, you encourage this sort of racist policy.
It does nothing other than promote white guilt, when in fact we have so much to be proud of.
If it’s good enough to acknowlege the custodians of the land (a people who did not much more than just survive) then it should also include an acknowlegement and thanks to who made this country what it is today.
There is much money to be gained by weaving lies about the nasty white man, and having books published which bend the facts at best, and just make them up at worst.
It is going to get worse, there was never any cultural taboo or lack of respect for climbing the rock, until the white rangers told the Anangu that there was, because rescues are expensive, and the profit margins can be increased by getting rid of those pesky rescues.
My kids were not permitted to attend a comedy workshop a while ago simply because they are white.
Heaven forbid Aboriginal children learn they can have fun and get along with white kids, that would weaken the victim brigade in the years to come.
Next time you are subject to a welcome to country, something that was only invented in ’86 by Ernie Dingo, [remember it is] just as much my country and my children’s.
Or next time you hear an acknowlegement of country, without acknowledging our culture or the contributions of our forebears, turn your back or walk away, and treat these divisive apologist charades with the contempt they deserve.
As far as the scholarships go, give them out based on need, not greed. A simple test would be consider if it is fair if the background of the recipients were reversed.

Proposal to end the code of conduct charade
If Jimmy makes comments as Jimmy, within reason, he is entitled to participate in robust debate.
If he makes comments as Councillor Cocking, then the code could apply.
If not, a large part of the community will be prevented from participating in public discussions. Making a complaint that is found to be frivolous and vexatious, should be an offence in its own right.

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