Fracking – Crazy idea – might wipe out Alice Springs …

Comment on NT cost of living $1700 a week by Forget Fracking.

Fracking – Crazy idea – might wipe out Alice Springs – Tourism Growth via Budget Airlines is the CLEAN answer

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Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light?
“Of course, nothing is guaranteed,” – no fracking way.

Gallery: Friday is the day
Undoolya Road. Vacant Land. Flood free (low insurance). A short walk from the CBD. Good parking. And no sports field destroyed.

Compromise was needed to save youth crime plan
One Country, one flag, one rule of law.

Meeting in CM office will be Transport Hall’s ‘make or break’
No Transport Hall of Fame? Overpriced Airfares. Goodbye Alice Springs tourism industry.

Art at Anzac oval: No new rugby fields, says Lambley
Undoolya Road. No flood. Low cost option. Seems obvious.

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