James, how much more do we pour down the drain? …

Comment on On youth prisons: grandmothers, reformers, revolutionaries by Alice Local.

James, how much more do we pour down the drain? It’s got too stop sooner or later!

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Five youths arrested after armed robbery
Great work NT police pity they’ll be out before the weekend and you’ll be chasing them around again and again. Government needs to take control and grow some balls!

Crime wave by juveniles
NT Police really deserve a medal putting up with this day in, day out.
They are probably picking up the same adults and kids three or four times a week as the judicial systems have let them down again.
And this is not only in Tennant but in the whole of the Territory.
Bloody shame on the Gunner Government. Get your shit together before you lose the whole of the Territory!

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Dale should go back over the Berrimah line where she belongs and leave Alice Springs to the locals.
Over all the politicians people voted in, they still don’t listen to the people!

‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’
Well said Michael and Steve, but this is not a easy fix.
I’ve seen over last few years the town changing mainly because of lost work structures out on the communities since the shires have taken over. I have seen this in my field of work.
When I approached the shires to see if they were interested in still doing the maintenance I was told they no longer had the machinery to do this as it got sold off.
So the community has no workforce.
I witnessed all the people who were trained up and felt they had a purpose each day to go to work and enjoy it.
Now I see them in town with nothing to do because they have nothing to do out on their communities.
As to cutting alcohol take away hours and having dry days, this is just a joke. We’re only going to see more break-ins and criminal activity around town.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
Take the parents’ money out of the sit down royalties payments till it’s payed off, not at 29 bucks a month. Two thirds of their payments. Then they might have time to teach their children right from wrong. So over this. It’s is getting worse in our town. All we get is poor bugger me!

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