Racism is normal in Alice Springs. Racists demand others racial identification …

Comment on On youth prisons: grandmothers, reformers, revolutionaries by Paul Parker.

Racism is normal in Alice Springs.

Racists demand others racial identification so they can decide whether respondents acceptable or not.

Racism wins when the question is answered.

Racist goal is wider acceptance for division of our rights and responsibilities as Australians using racial identification as the measure.

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Chansey Paech to Jacinta Price: ‘Finger pointing must stop’
Racists seek to distract, to divert, to avoid addressing various real issues, they concentrate attention on their racist goals, abusing terms “Aboriginal”, “Indigenous”, “Traditional” and others.
The substantive issues are basic human rights issues and education, issues not particular to any racial group.
Ongoing mismanagement, failure to achieve, of Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Lands Trusts is primarily due to ongoing racist Commonwealth “without recourse” funding.
Commonwealth allows the trusts as land owners to disclaim otherwise common responsibilities of land owners.
We needs to stop providing, whether it is $1.10 or $1.1bn, from public funds into ALR(NT) remote housing.
Funding should resume when reasonable, conventional requirements for securities are provided to offset risks, like loss of assets, loss of lease, even loss of ownership-title to land.
Other Australians are required to provide such securities to satisfy financial conditions for conventional housing and other loans.
Only when reasonable, secure, conventional leases in the ALR(NT) are available should public funds for housing and other activities within ALR(NT) lands become available.

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
Re: Surprised! Posted March 15, 2018 at 8:36am: I admit am cynical about political meetings, so much spoken is rhetorical, open to various interpretations.
IF the Big Five (Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Congress, Tourism Central Australia, Arid Lands Environment Centre) do agree on specific changes, they should publish clearly what they expect, with specific call to Chief Minister and other politicians to issue publicly and clearly their responses.
The real benefit of written words is meaning of the words do not change so quickly.
Related to politics is reading (and thinking) being replaced by listening?

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
The Banned Drinker Register prohibits a person from the purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol.
It is an offence to supply persons on the Banned Drinker Register with alcohol.
It is an offence for a person to supply a person on the Banned Drinker Register with alcohol.
It is the responsibility of Licensees to ensure no person on the Banned Drinker Register obtain alcohols at their premises.
If police have evidence alcohol was supplied to banned persons at licensed premises, their superior should order the licensed premises immediately closed for remainder of the day.
When premises closed this way, everyone will be aware it may well happen again.
Behavior of most persons reflects perceived risk.
Being aware police likely to close premises shall encourage licensees, their staff, even customers, to ensure persons on the Banned Drinker Register avoid seeking alcohol there.

Man in a hurry, surrounded by people who were not
The Commonwealth needs amend the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) act to require “Traditional Owners” to issue conventional, rational, and affordable leases for all their existing and proposed buildings or projects.
Until this happens their extortionate behavior shall continue to block improvements upon their land.
They control the land, they are responsible for failure to achieve upon their own land.
These wealthy corporate groups need be accountable same as other land-owners, or expect their obstruction to continue.
Absence of reasonable leases discourages banks and others from investing.
Why do public moneys fund these corporate land-owners holding wealth enough to improve things with their own money?
Why do Commonwealth Ministers give such large amounts of public moneys for these large areas of privately owned land ?
While Commonwealth racism props them up they ensure little will change.

Government lied on liquor, says Lambley, demands poll
When polled on proposals to vary time between election(s) be sure to complain IF yearly is not an option.

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