I can see Dr John Boffa of PAAC jumping up …

Comment on Booze report: What the government is likely to do. by Concerned Citizen.

I can see Dr John Boffa of PAAC jumping up and down saying “we’ve won, we’ve won” over the implementation of a floor price on alcohol.
Well, guess what, he represents the minority about 3% so we the majority are expected to suffer because of them.
What about the poor old pensioners, tourists, law abiding citizens and others who will now have to pay $9 to $10 for a cheap bottle of wine, let alone what we will be ripped off for spirits and other liquors.
If you watched Channel 9 News tonight Interstate they are promoting cheap wines from $3.50 on. This amounts to total discrimination against the average citizen.

Recent Comments by Concerned Citizen

Flag on the Hill: When No became Yes
How long before someone desecrates the Aboriginal flag or removes the flagpole because a lot of people like myself believe we are ALL one people under one Australian flag not two nations.
And if it was damaged or removed watch the screaming and racist comments then! Different matter if they destroy a Caucasian flag or pole?

National Aboriginal art gallery in the wide open spaces?
Give poor old Ron a break (from your old mate Dave). It would be the perfect location as he has pointed out, and would fit in with town tours to Santa Teresa, Ross River, Central Desert Knowledge Precinct and of course the various gaps and Desert Wildlife Park.
Another plus would be transient caravans could pull their mobile homes to site and back without having to unhook if they were on their way back south or heading north.
Someone with brains and authority take note of this option please. Good luck Ron, may the Gods favor you at last.

Youth crisis: council wants to take lead
What a joke. Council can’t even run their own meetings or agendas they have NO hope of running a Youth Services Division. Anyone else agree with me, please?

Gallery at Anzac consult: council hurries to meet govt deadline
Enough of this nonsense. The Mayor and Council are sitting on their hands and would be lucky to get a survey to the residents of Alice Springs actioned by August next year!
Why doesn’t the bureaucratic pontificating Mayor take 12 months leave and leave Jamie (a real action man) along with new councillors Jimmy, Matt and Jacinta plus Eli to take charge of the decisions on the project?
Of course the majority of Alice Springs residents want the art museum and gallery built here but NOT on Anzac Oval, preferably at Desert Park, or south of The Gap, and the Chief Minister and Cabinet know that fact.
Someone in council show some balls and get the message to Darwin NOW!

Cr Melky alleges budget irregularity
As usual our incompetent council have got it wrong (with the exception of Cr Melky).
They have no right to allocate the savings on the loan repayment $531,000 to Ilparpa Rd capital works. There are many more urgent areas that should be considered first.
The correct and honest way would have been to deduct this amount (however small) from the 2018-2019 rates so that every long suffering ratepayer would get a small relief and there is now a precedent for NO rate increases this year.

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