The government has acknowledged that the BDR has failed by …

Comment on Bottle shop cops ‘security guards, paid for by the taxpayer’ by Scarlett Grant.

The government has acknowledged that the BDR has failed by the direction to police that POSI is to stay.
It is interesting that the local independent, Liberal and Labor members sit silent on the BDR.
The secondary supply is happening and how many break-ins involve the theft of grog or cash to buy.
Unlike the politicians, the coppers know the trends and are best placed to determine where resources are placed. This government is of little difference to the last.

Recent Comments by Scarlett Grant

$65m for children at risk case management system
Rather odd that government has truancy officers, out sourced carers and or Territory Families carers who can’t communicate absence directly with Territory Families Central Intake who have the ability to refer to case workers. Endless Possibilities? Not for children in care in the NT.

No cops, no clinics
Papunya is – what – 70 clicks away – from the community. I was completely unaware that all those services had been closed.

Anzac oval is the town council’s call, says Lambley
The sentiments of the community do not matter as the government will just resort to compulsory acquisition.

Top cop must go, says Congress after stabbing death
So when is Donna going to tender her resignation? The comments are akin to blaming CAAC for all the health problems of some residents in Alice Springs.
Accountability of actions appears to only apply to some. Thoughts should be with the victim’s family not making excuses for some one who is alleged to have killed another human being, who mattered to the family and extended family. Disgusted yet again.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
Rates, rubbish, roads and now ragging each other.
Oops, I thought we voted for the first three. The lower tier of government should not equate to lower standards or all those involved, practising for future roles as MLAs?

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