It remains the responsibility of licensees to enforce requirements of …

Comment on Bottle shop cops ‘security guards, paid for by the taxpayer’ by Paul Parker.

It remains the responsibility of licensees to enforce requirements of the legislation within their premises.
I do not support as deterrent for uniformed police to be stationed at take-away alcohol outlets, to catch individuals breaching banning provisions.
I do support plain clothes NT Police, using appropriate technology, to concentrate on catching those providing alcohol to banned persons, and those banned persons.
Take-away sources of alcohol need be closed for at least 24 hours when they provide alcohol to a banned person.
Police then can concentrate on catching those who obtain and supply alcohol to banned persons.
Robyn Lambley expressed concerns for those who provide prohibited persons alcohol.
Were ongoing problems in wider residential areas, where alcohol is almost totally banned, with otherwise law-abiding reasonable consumers of alcohol finding themselves dry, while less reasonable consumers of alcohol, and less reasonable suppliers of alcohol thrived.
The problems of shared alcohol were created with banning possession of alcohol in large areas, rather than dealing with individual offenders.
There is a need for it be NOT to be acceptable to share alcohol with individual persons the court bans.
The argument for acceptability to give banned drinkers alcohol supports arguments of acceptability for unlicensed, intoxicated drivers driving unregistered, uninsured vehicles on public roads.
Cultures change, culture is not a constant.

Recent Comments by Paul Parker

Snouts who think their rightful place is in the trough
Are they planning any leases of new locations to the Chinese?
Perhaps forgetting the not so long ago Giles’s government diplomatic incident involving a lease which strained links between Darwin, Canberra, Washington and Beijing.

NAPLAN a flawed measurement, review needed: COGSO
Clearly Tabby Fudge does not understand the NAPLAN test.
Perhaps neither does COGSO (NT Council of Government School Organisations).
The NAPLAN test is NOT about passing or failing.
The NAPLAN has “No pass” and “No fail”.
The NAPLAN test measures where each student understands the core education principles. Those seeking grade scores for students or teachers clearly need look elsewhere.
This failing, when not addressed, reduces their capacity to learn more complex things they often are expected to learn later.
NAPLAN tests are essential to reduce student fail-to-thrive rates in NT post-primary education.
Each student needs understanding basic disciplines of literacy, numeracy and learning, their NAPLAN result is their learner education license.
NAPLAN tests confirm each understands core basics, certifies each is able to proceed to find their own way further around Australian education where they can improve themselves with further experience.
Many NT students fail their learner education license, yet are still pushed forward.
Later failure to achieve remains a foreseeable result from their failure to understand basic disciplines of literacy, numeracy and learning in Australian education.
NT’s failure to ensure these core education skills achieved ensures many students crash later due lack of core skills to understand enough to advance themselves further.

Police use drone in finding assault suspects
Even smaller drones a great tool for increased police efficiency.
Every rural NT Police stations need a drone with officers trained to use them.

Prof Gerritsen: We got it wrong from the start
Prof Gerritsen correctly claims that residents of the Northern Territory would have a decent future if the Northern Territory was abolished.
Prof Gerritsen incorrectly suggests Commonwealth resumption of control as a solution.
Commonwealth racist tampering caused failure to thrive.
Commonwealth rejected equality of opportunity, instead promoting apartheid and racism.
Commonwealth ensured simple improvements were rejected, as they failed to satisfy Commonwealth apartheid policies, so ensuring each attempt to improve eventually became just another failure caused by racism.
Most failures within the Northern Territory of the Commonwealth directly result from the Commonwealth’s ongoing promotion of racist apartheid policies.
For NT residents the best solution is to rejoin it to the state of South Australia.


Gallery: Gunner sticks with ANZAC Oval
Chief Minister Michael Gunner and his government appear to be adopting approach of Dr Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
— Dr Joseph Goebbels: On the “Big Lie”

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