@ Hal Duell. I couldn’t agree more on the …

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@ Hal Duell. I couldn’t agree more on the two points you raise.
Yes, our town needs to re-define itself, as our once iconicTown Like Alice has been well and truly destroyed beyond resurrection.
And, yes, we do need to embrace the Todd River, as well as its associated riverine environments such as the Coolibah Swamp, as part of our urban landscape.
But there is so much more to consider and a masterplan will tease out the issues that need to be addressed, with input from the whole community.
It is a discussion we need to have.

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Master plan could turn around population and economic slump
@ Cherry M: Yes, The Alice is HOT, and seems to be getting hotter with every year. However, as a town, we should be addressing this with better building and urban design.
For example: designing and retro-fitting our buildings to incorporate passive design elements would minimise our dependence upon air-conditioning, reduce our living costs and make our town a more affordable place to live in.
Another example: greening our town’s central business district would counter the heat sink effect of concrete surfaces, provide a shady canopy at street level which, when combined with water play, can reduce ambient temperatures by as much as five degrees.
But all of this will not just happen on its own. It requires a masterplan to provide the vision, the big picture of the town we want, before we can looks at ways it may be achieved.

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Another notch putting The Rock ahead of Alice
Yes, Melissa, the old “Roads, Rates and Rubbish” makes for a very useful fall-back position for a do-nothing Mayor.
I suggest that you read up on the Alice Springs Town Council’s own strategic plan to see that our council does indeed have responsibilities that include environmental, social and cultural issues.
If we, as a town, do not take on the responsibility of planning for our sustainable future, who will?

Another notch putting The Rock ahead of Alice
Sadly, The Alice seems to be paying the price for not planning its future and the lack of effective leadership at the local council level.
We desperately need a change at the top, someone who will fight for our town with more than just hope and a prayer.
Above all else, we need to stop expecting someone else to be looking after our interests.

Former gallery advisor scathing about its planners
Thank you, Mr Lynch, for your timely and very relevant criticism.
Sadly, the Territory has never been able to do “planning” well, and the sign, advertising an art and cultural centre that has long closed, is a sad example of how badly we do “management”.
Can you imagine how we must look to the disappointed tourists that set out for the art centre, only to find a carpark?
Could anyone blame them for thinking we are an un-cultured lot?
After all, didn’t we recently let one of the most iconic Indigenous paintings of our time, Emily Kame Kngwarreye’s Earth Creation slip through our fingers?
The painting could have been the Blue Poles of the new art gallery, ensuring Alice Springs had a truly unique work, one worth the long trip to get here.
Lost for a paltry $2 million by a government that sees art purchases as an expense instead of as an investment.

Code of conduct allegations ‘vexatious, frivolous’ – councillor
Good on you, Jimmy. Far too much Council deliberation is locked behind a dubious need for confidentiality.
It’s well past time the Council was more open and transparent and not run on so much secrecy.

Coles Mural: Government, Heritage Council fall silent
Congratulations, Ben.
Your post says it all about our local culture which, sadly, places financial opportunity above all else. Woe that anything should come between a property developer and a bucket of money.
Sad too that this town’s so called leaders cannot see the link between loss of heritage places (and the role they play in maintaining a desirable urban environment) and the reduction in tourism and visitor numbers and the resultant downturn in the local economy, the local population and property values.
You see, we all end up paying in the end for our short-sightedness.

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