@ Hal Duell. I couldn’t agree more on the …

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@ Hal Duell. I couldn’t agree more on the two points you raise.
Yes, our town needs to re-define itself, as our once iconicTown Like Alice has been well and truly destroyed beyond resurrection.
And, yes, we do need to embrace the Todd River, as well as its associated riverine environments such as the Coolibah Swamp, as part of our urban landscape.
But there is so much more to consider and a masterplan will tease out the issues that need to be addressed, with input from the whole community.
It is a discussion we need to have.

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Master plan could turn around population and economic slump
@ Cherry M: Yes, The Alice is HOT, and seems to be getting hotter with every year. However, as a town, we should be addressing this with better building and urban design.
For example: designing and retro-fitting our buildings to incorporate passive design elements would minimise our dependence upon air-conditioning, reduce our living costs and make our town a more affordable place to live in.
Another example: greening our town’s central business district would counter the heat sink effect of concrete surfaces, provide a shady canopy at street level which, when combined with water play, can reduce ambient temperatures by as much as five degrees.
But all of this will not just happen on its own. It requires a masterplan to provide the vision, the big picture of the town we want, before we can looks at ways it may be achieved.

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Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council
You are right, Evelyne, geese are wonderful watch animals. We need more of them on council to keep the place honest. This “donation” debacle looks like, sounds like and smells like part of a cover-up to me. Honk, honk.

She lived where life is what you make it
Thanks, Lindsay, for sharing and re-kindling my other memories of Baikal and Joan – your geodesic dome, the peacocks that “guarded” the homestead and Joan having to add salt to her tea in Alice so it would taste like that at home.
A remarkable woman and an extraordinary life. Condolence to you and the family. RIP Joan Johannsen.

Mayor comments on code of conduct, Anzac Oval
Thanks a lot, Erwin. Now I cannot shake the image of Sargent Schulz, from that popular 70s television show Hogan’s Heroes, saying: “I know nothing!”

Cemeteries could be turned into parks
Cemeteries are extremely important heritage places and are a treasure trove of information for historians.
Sadly, from my personal experience as a practising heritage architect, our town council administration lacks the expertise and sensitivity that is needed, and are more intent on “beautification” rather than respecting the heritage values of our town’s cemeteries.
These proposed changes to the NT’s Cemeteries Act need to be handled very carefully if we are to avoid irreparable damage.
Our local council and the NT Government need to seriously adopt “world’s best practice” and give more than just lip service to the term.

Problem kids: The whole town must help
Congratulations, Steve Brown, on presenting a solution that I wholeheartedly support.
Our town has an anti-youth culture that cannot handle youngsters that do not conform to adult expectations.
Instead of pushing them into sport-based activities, telling them where and when the can skate or ride a bike and generally treating them with suspicion, we should be providing them a supportive environment that allows kids to just “be kids”.
Steve’s practical idea is one of the foundation stones upon which a better Alice may be built, rather than the punitive approach exposed by Pseudo Guru.

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