Get real. Enact a curfew for kids and punish bad …

Comment on Best street kids campaign, says Chamber CEO by Get Real NT a Nanny State.

Get real. Enact a curfew for kids and punish bad guys with rural work, plus FOOD ONLY cards for all welfare recipients. Tell me, did you get whacked when you did wrong as a kid?

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Top committee grapples with tourism development in the North
Many Australians are dependant. Taxpayers will not keep paying. Employment via creative Indigenous tourism awaits for many.

Go north, young man
NT must think globally and act now or China will sort law, land, water and solar issues overnight and create massive growth.

Discussions are nice but actions are needed
You can’t breathe in Beijing or Mumbai – Oz is no problem.

Step closer for rare earth mine employing up to 370
Chinese would build a flood mitigation dam with water pipes to the mine site by March 19 – if invited. Qantas would then re-consider Alice Springs as the number two pilot training site.

More government handouts for alcohol traders
Benefits cards for food and medicine only, no cash, as used in other centres, massively reduce alcohol consumption.

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