Do we really need one in Alice? Wasted taxpayer’s money …

Comment on National Indigenous gallery process hijacked? by Alice Loacal.

Do we really need one in Alice? Wasted taxpayer’s money again!

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Government to spend $67m on youth database
Fiona, it’s being going on for decades as you would know. They keep pouring money down the drain doing programs, training and culture knowledge and the tap is still running!
Build a decent facility with the money and stop wasting the judges’ and police’s resources every day.

Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
Janet Brown: What majority want this? Asking a thousand people out of 25 thousand doesn’t constitute a majority in my arithmetic!

NT fracking emissions will cost billions to offset
Good thing we don’t frack then in the Territory. Get your fracks right before commenting on fracking in the Territory!

One-hour community consultation on Albrecht Oval lights
Simon, think you’re missing the point, pretty sure it’s for local games as Traeger Park rarely used for local cricket games, saved for interstate games & Imparja cup.

Five youths arrested after armed robbery
Great work NT police pity they’ll be out before the weekend and you’ll be chasing them around again and again. Government needs to take control and grow some balls!

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