South Australia is already making good on its early adoption …

Comment on There’s more to renewables than sunshine by Jimmy Cocking.

South Australia is already making good on its early adoption of renewables. Cheaper wholesale electricity prices than the rest of the east coast. Territory Generation has had a seismic shift in its understanding of the operating environment for the electricity sector and has grabbed the challenge and opportunities with both hands.
Driving the economy with renewable energy is the answer for this region and the Northern Territory in general. Single use resource extraction industries, particularly those that help cook the planet are no longer viable. We need to find renewable and regenerative processes to drive our economy. For instance, recycled water could be a feedstock for an emerging hydrogen industry.
The transformation of our energy systems is in full swing and we’d do well to jump in behind the slipstream created by the South Australians.
The Territory can leapfrog to the front of the pack by learning lessons from SA and other jurisdictions. We have the opportunity to be a renewable energy superpower with good access to Asian markets.
As with any business decision, the weighing of the risks is critical. Given the world is heading towards decarbonisation by 2050, it makes sense to move in this direction and not commit ourselves to a polluting, tax minimising marginal industry like the gas fracking business.
We can’t dig our way out of stagnation. The future is in solar and storage – with cheap energy for our economic development – the sky’s the limit.

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