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Comment on Cops with assault rifles footage six years old by Alex Hope.

@ Hal Duell: Hal, the royalties are paid to Aboriginal corporations with strict rules about who gets money and what they can spend it on. As far as I know recompense would be outside the rules.
Besides, if the kids came from a community, say The Gap, would the residents want to be sharing the responsibility for their behaviours? And why is that different?
We need to be finding ways to intervene in the kids’s lives earlier.

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A pity I missed that lawn sale…

Government deception clouds gallery debate
I am hoping that all the high school maths teachers in town will use these surveys in class as an example of the use and misuse of statistics.
In terms of purporting to give a genuine picture of the view of the majority of local residents, both surveys are seriously flawed.
The way the NT Government survey was reported in the Advocate is so misleading as to be laughable.
Considering the amount of money being spent here, would it not have been more sensible to engage an appropriate polling organisation to conduct a proper random survey to give a reliable answer?
But of course that would break one of Sir Humphrey’s rules of government: Never conduct a survey or commission a report unless you know in advance what the outcome will be.

National Aboriginal gallery: Town Council’s action clear as mud
I say it again: What credibility will a national Aboriginal art gallery have without a consensus from Aboriginal people about the site?

Define gallery purpose before picking a site: Bruce Walker
On the one hand Dr Walker says: “There also needs to be an engagement … that will reset relationships necessary. This requires community leadership. If we can achieve this the site will become obvious.”
On the other hand he is touting two sites in the CBD.
On the one hand he speaks of having authority and legitimacy of Aboriginal people locally and nationally, and on the other he appears to be denying them the authority to speak on the appropriate site.
How does he resolve these contradictions?
Dr Walker is known to be keen on redeveloping the Uniting Church block in the CBD, a proposal which so far has been stymied. Is this paper a ploy to propose the site for a gallery?
Yes, we need to go back to the starting. Where is the national endorsement by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the proposal for a national Indigenous art gallery, let alone that it should be in Alice Springs? Without this endorsement how does it have any credibility?
Oh but I forgot, Victoria has the “National Gallery of Victoria”.
Perhaps our gallery will be styled the National Aboriginal Gallery of the NT!

NBN: Higher cost for less speed in Lingiari
Whatever happened to the universal service obligation which has always been imposed on Telstra (and which they honoured until privatisation, witness the optic fibre from the Stuart Highway through the the APY lands which was heading for Perth).
It stopped at Papalankutja / Blackstone when privatisation happened.
Have the ALP made a commitment to reintroduce this obligation for the NBN?

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