@ Hal Duell: Hal, the royalties are paid to Aboriginal …

Comment on Cops with assault rifles footage six years old by Alex Hope.

@ Hal Duell: Hal, the royalties are paid to Aboriginal corporations with strict rules about who gets money and what they can spend it on. As far as I know recompense would be outside the rules.
Besides, if the kids came from a community, say The Gap, would the residents want to be sharing the responsibility for their behaviours? And why is that different?
We need to be finding ways to intervene in the kids’s lives earlier.

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Massive gas reserves close to being tapped
@ Dave Richards: Actuaries are not generally noted for being one-eyed greenies, but they seem to agree that extreme weather events are increasing in frequency, and insurance companies are already increasing premiums in consequence.

Bringing Arrernte language into town signage
@Michael Dean
Have you considered that helping Arrernte people to increase their self esteem by publicly recognising their culture might be part of helping to reduce crime?
Is the prevalence of crime not related to the marginalisation and inequality they experience?
From your surname it would appear that your heritage might be from the UK. Here is an example of how, even there, recognition of a distinct language and culture is seen as fundamental to people’s sense of self.

Can you imagine how you would be feeling about your own native language now, had the Japanese successfully invaded and colonised Australia in 1943, and you had been born and brought up speaking English at home but being educated in Japanese?

Is it not true that unless and until we can learn to imagine what is is like to walk in the other person’s shoes, we will never engage with them effectively in resolving our differences.

Charles Perkins: Australia’s Nelson Mandela
It is very sad to note that his story seems not to be well known by young Aboriginal people in Central Australia.
It might be hoped that he would be held up as a hero and a role model to inspire children with the belief that determination and participation in education might create more meaning in their lives.

Councillor passes buck to staff
I have never rung up a councilor about any matter because I have no idea whom to choose.
This story illustrates the difficulty we have in not having council wards. If there was a councilor for my part of town I would undoubtedly discuss neighborhood issues with them.
If the Chateau Hornsby area – whatever it is called now – had a local councilor it would be much harder for them to avoid representing their neighbors at Council.

West Macs fire mitigation critically inadequate: Scientist
Is there anybody out there who can enlighten us with knowledge rather than hearsay? Unfortunately I don’t have hard evidence here:
• I hear there are a lot of areas around the rural area where people have de-buffeled by mechanical rather than chemical means … yes … hard yakka.
• I haven’t checked the Desert Park lately but hear that it too has been substantially cleared.
• You could be right that grazing in national parks could be a lesser evil than buffel if it is uncontrollable.
However I would take some convincing. I have seen over the last 35 years the wonderful regeneration of the bush on the old Utopia cattle lease since it was destocked. Going from there to the neighbouring pastoral leases the difference is astounding.
From all I have read of their behaviour and predatory business practices over the years I am no fan of Monsanto (now Bayer) and I am disinclined to trust their statements, but despite this from my reading of the science, and despite the recent court case in the US, glyphosate (“Roundup”) has not yet been shown to be a proven carcinogen.
We will have to agree to disagree about the function of National Parks. I believe they are for preserving remnants of the natural environment, and that providing recreation for destructive bipeds is secondary.

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