The inquiry’s reference to Silent Spring is an abhorrent and …

Comment on Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light? by Defiant.

The inquiry’s reference to Silent Spring is an abhorrent and perverted tactic to legitimise an industry that offers nothing but greed, contamination and conflict.
Carson would be turning in her grave if she knew her ideas were being used in this way.
Fracking of shale gas in the US has lead to a contamination legacy comparably only to the days of DDT and other pesticides. It is an environmental catastrophe and we know this.
That fundamental flaw in this inquiry is the consistent use of subjective terms in an objective way. What is meant when they conclude risk can be mitigated to an acceptable level?
Is that one contaminated aquifer? Is that a 1% increase in premature births? Is it .1% increase in warming? Is it a 2% increase in road fatalities?
They don’t decide what risk is acceptable, that is not a question for science or law.
That is one for the people of the NT to decide and they have decided. No risk is worth the financial gain that is made by a few select corporate individuals.

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Hazardous waste facility near Alice recommended by EPA
The scale of this project is unprecedented. It has never been tried before in Australia.
A permanent toxic waste dump is not a solution to hazardous waste treatment in Australia as it will only be taking less than 5% of Australians total toxic waste stockpile.
This EPA assessment report acknowledges that the company will need to do more site specific investigations to verify the model and ensure that the project is capable of sealing the waste from the biosphere.
This means that EPA is currently not satisfied that the project will provide an effective seal from the biosphere. If they are not satisfied of this core concern then it is not clear why they have recommended approval.
The listed wastes that are proposed to be stored in the facility should be mandated in law.
There needs to be a guarantee from both NT Government and Federal Government that the facility will NEVER accept nuclear waste.
Central Australia has consistently rejected the possibility of storing nuclear waste and this project will not change that.

Peace Pilgrim says he had permission to be on Pine Gap
Dramatic and evocative language from the Peace Pilgrim but not factually incorrect. The facility at Pine Gap means that Australia IS complicit in war crimes committed in the Middle East against civilian targets. It is absurd that during a time of “peace” there is an active military base here in the centre of Australia. The American war machine may seem invisible but its influence is all encompassing.

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