As usual we shall find in the end that multi …

Comment on Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light? by Ian Rennie.

As usual we shall find in the end that multi national corporations and their greedy Australian shareholders, crooked politicians and the like will once again make a fracking joke of Australia.

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Keith Lawrie Flats – people have had enough!
Seems strange to me that the solution to the despicable behaviour of some tenants is to sell the units so that private owners will be able to control these poor excuses for human beings.
The government is elected to make laws etc to control society and so it would seem to me that the problem lies in a total lack of intestinal fortitude on part of both the government and the department of housing. Need I say any more.

Let the gas flow, says Nigel Scullion
Stick to your guns, Gunner: Fracking is what the mega rich multi nationals do because they do not give a stuff about Australia and it is so good to see a politician stand up to them.

CDP work for the dole scheme gets a hammering
A mongrel idea that was introduced in the 80s at an Aboriginal community by the name of Balgo (and others) situated in WA 900 Km north west of Alice Springs.
I was employed there as a mechanic and had a number of people working in the workshop and they were being paid as well as others in the store, the office, with the plumber, the brick layer, the electrician, the school as well as those doing many other tasks and the equivalent of council works, road works within the community and surrounding areas. These people worked hard and were paid a wage.
The unbelievable happened with outside Government bodies including the Department of Aboriginal Affairs coming along and telling these people they now had to work for the dole.
The simplest way that I can put it is that this community changed for the worse, those who once worked for a wage then worked for the dole and I ask, how many people would do this? How many people would allow this to be forced upon them?
It was OK for myself and other whites who worked there, we lost nothing except maybe a certain amount of respect because those who lost a wage worked equally as hard as us. One thing I found unfathomable was the fact that one group could be singled out like this.
Just maybe this “new” idea is somewhat different, but is it really? And is it fair?

Kittles car yard empty after kids run amok
The way this country is going it is only a matter of time before there is Sharia law and then and only then will there be justice that at the moment neither black or white people seem capable of dishing out.
Off subject?
No it is spot on subject as the control and punishment of criminals in this country is little more than non existent.
On the bright side these little criminals are damaging something that is part owned (in name anyhow) by their own and they are through their criminal acts providing employment to many trades and professions (except the police as they are doing little to prevent it in the first place). Want to rubbish what I have wrote?
Go ahead as in doing so you are showing that your attitude is part of the problem.

Prove I’m wrong and I’ll step down: Cr Melky
Cr Melky, a most honorable man with a love and passion for Alice Springs, has committed the ultimate sin in attempting to save the ratepayers’ money.

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