As usual we shall find in the end that multi …

Comment on Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light? by Ian Rennie.

As usual we shall find in the end that multi national corporations and their greedy Australian shareholders, crooked politicians and the like will once again make a fracking joke of Australia.

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Mayor: town needs ‘full lockdown’ on bottle shops
I find the assumption that an increase in cashed in empty wine bottles can be seen as prima facie evidence of an increase of wine consumption by Aboriginals and oh yes! The ‘A’ or ‘B’ words were not seen here in the article, crikey, even blind Freddie can recognize it.
Now shoot me down in flames, but I am just stating the ludicrously obvious, I do however state that the subject of alcohol consumption by all Territorians is indeed a serious matter in need of what some may see as draconian measures.
The import of wines via the Post Office (by mainly whites) has been going on for some years, I find it strange actually when one looks at the cost of posting such goods. Mmm hard up for a drink hey?

Eight Labor heavies will decide fracking
If the fracking is allowed to go ahead after such a completely untransparent vote then it can only be assumed that the Government has been in some way influenced by very rich foreign interests. They may well find that the old saying that the voters have short memories has become an urban myth and the voters shall show their contempt for such a treasonous act.

Who pays the bill when fracking goes wrong?
Yes, the mining companies can truck in their water and their CEOs and shareholders can sit back at home and enjoy their unpolluted grounds and water while the silly stupid Aussies weep in sorrow having been sucked in once again by the foreign giants with their false smiles and assurances.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: it’s not over yet
Anzac Hill, our servicemen fought and many died under the Australian flag. To the majority this is the significance of that site even though there were some Aboriginals in our armed forces.
I suppose we could be kind and allow the other flag up there on special occasions, even Anzac Day, but every day of the year? No way!
There are too many concessions being made, what mob are going to want their flag up there next?

Ailing economy needs on-shore gas, says Opposition
Mr Higgins, the sign you propose is “we are suckers” is it not? People like you Higgins, are the type who allow any foreigner in to do whatever they please as long as they can flash a wad of money.

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