Who wants this – the wealthy like Clive Palmer, Andrew …

Comment on Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light? by Beverley Ruth Emmott.

Who wants this – the wealthy like Clive Palmer, Andrew Forrest, Gina Rinehart or the Chinese. Whoever it is they want to use work for the dole or low paid migrants to work for them without having to pay them, pay no tax, frack into the artesian basin and drain the water from it so they contaminate the water and make millions for their own private use while big-noting themselves and putting their victims on Indue and Income Management.
What the workers will be paid is about $300 a week and they will probably have to work eight to 10 hours a day for up to a month and then perhaps get a few days off.
In the meantime they will lose their health and have their lives shortened by 20 odd years.

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Let’s have an Australia Day when we are ready for it
Indigenous don’t want Australia day in January – in other words they want to stay in 1776 to 1786. Why do they want this? It seems they never could accept that this country was taken over by the whites but in the process both black and white suffered.
What do they want Australia for? To big note themselves? If it were not for white they would still be hunting animals, fighting amonst themselves, have no education and no chance at a lifestyle like some have now.
Australia once was owned by the Aboriginals. It could have become Dutch but the English took over.
I have heard so many of the oldies say let the government look after us. You whites can pay tax but we don’t need to – very much like big business and mining.
What they actually want is to be dependents and have everyone else look after them, ransack others’ places and generally destroy what others took years to build up.

What leads to people thinking about suicide?
Suicide can be from intense pressure to succeed beyond what a person is capable of, or maybe years of rejection of a person because of colour, creed nationality or disability.
Years of put downs, laughing at people for being what they are, for not being like the models on TV or being poor or not being able to speak.
Any constant downputting of a person can lead them to want to leave this earth behind. Pressure to get top marks or sometimes people saying that because of a disability the person cannot achieve what others do. Or maybe peer pressure to do the wrong thing when it is against someones principles.
No simple answer but certain things can be done. Don’t take from someone what is theirs, don’t tell a person he/she is not worth anything. Don’t tell a person they are not as capable as another who knows less. Derogatory remarks are a lead up to suicide thinking.
Also is a person is not able to get help when they need it and should be given it, then that can lead to a downhill path and thoughts of suicide.
Not being able to work for some reason or having someone else take over your life is also a reason for suicidal thoughts, especially if you should be able to get help but cannot.
To be told it is not your turn to get a job, or help can lead to suicide. Family rejection or downgrading can lead to it too.
There is no simple answer but the main thing is to make people feel worthwhile no matter what their level of achievement.
It is so easy to look after the top achievers and ignore anyone else, to understand that people are not always to blame for their lack of achievements is vital.
One example is the INDUE card and the BASIC Card. Some seem to think that all poor people are poor because they want to be. Others don’t take into account that there are poor who had no chance to be anything else.
Sometimes governments or families are responsible for some being poor because of the greedy selfish attitude that they have.

Royal Commission: Children’s voices are at the centre
Not all Aboriginal kids but some and some white ones too – some are getting on with it.
Some are falling by the wayside and it is often a choice. Not many are in the same position as I am with no choice but that is because of me have so many rich relations that never gave a dam about what they did to us.
Those who differentiate between white and black are in the wrong. The minute they stop the differentiation and start treating everybody the same the outcomes will be better.

28 minutes with Dale Wakefield
I suspect the move that closed The Rock to climbers was actually a move to allow Gina Rinehart and other mining companies to mine near the rock – why? Because of the minerals. The Rock is under just as much threat from the weather as is from the climbers.
Now since I [believe] James Packer is being forced out of business – and I suspect some of the relations are involved – that some other people are going to try build a casino down at The Rock.
What they don’t know is they don’t back the Aboriginess but only use them to gain what they want. It is the perfect setting for the rich to build a resort and a casino and make a fortune to send out of the country.
I have long been these peoples victim – and some of the Aboriginals know.
The name Wilson is actually a Gunnedah name and I suspect this plan has been generations in the making

Flood mitigation: Don’t mention the dam
Put in a comment and get told I have already said that – well I did years ago but if it is recently said it was not me so someone is claiming to be me.

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