Long overdue. People from other states would be appalled …

Comment on No Turnbull Christmas present for CDU by Fred the Philistine.

Long overdue. People from other states would be appalled on how much money is wasted in the NT. The NT owes more money now than in the history of the NT virtually the NT is broke! Far too many people on sit down money and over service to the Indigenous.

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NT road sealing costs threat to Outback Way?
Things in the NT always seem to be dearer. I believe the the Alice Springs council does have the equipment but do not have experience. Cheaper to get contractors from interstate.
The council cannot even lay foot paths properly. If this is the case, why are council rates so expensive in Alice Springs? The council seem to do very little.
Other regional councils around Australia all have the equipment and the knowledge to do their own roads.
I believe contractors in the NT take advantage of the contracts on offer to get rich.

NT road sealing costs threat to Outback Way?
The answer is to get interstate quotes and more professional workers.

Lasseters private enterprise beacon in stagnant town
The casino is certainly a great asset to the town, with all its facilities.

With Gunner and Scullion, Batchelor doesn’t need Santa
@ John: Well said. There are alot of fudged figures around the place just so people can keep their jobs.
Can you also look into the Indigenous working for the dole? As these figures would be fudged as well.
Signed off that they are working when in fact they are not actually working.

Getting screwed
One good thing Trump has done is made it so everybody in America has access to health care. And I am the only person in Alice Springs with a personalized signed photograph of himself.

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