Note the complaint by three Labor politicians in the party …

Comment on No Turnbull Christmas present for CDU by Concerned Citizen.

Note the complaint by three Labor politicians in the party which created the problem in the first place and did nothing about it.

Recent Comments by Concerned Citizen

Mayor Ryan short on answers on top issues
Mayor Ryan, you are a joke. You are tired out, have no motivation and are totally out of touch with the Alice Springs community.
Why didn’t you do the right thing and stand down as Mayor before the elections?
Suggestion: Stand down now appoint Jamie [de Brenni] now as Mayor, take his place as councillor and then appoint a Deputy Mayor from the existing councillors and then listen to the applause from the public.

Local government: A lot of action beyond the 3Rs
@ Fred the Philistine re Murray Bridge Council: The Alice Springs Clown Council does not need any help from Murray Bridge nor Mt Gambier councils. They can stuff things up all by themselves.

Cops with assault rifles footage six years old
If all that fails contact Hollywood and call in Robocop. He’ll definitely clean things up.

Fit-out of megafauna display in the Mall goes to local firm
Interesting. A contract given for a building owned by CLP stalwarts by a Labor Government?

Cut mining royalties to land councils: elder
How about all the Aboriginal organisations revolt and force David Ross to step down as director from CLC and put Frances Kelly in his place, then change the rules.
Stop sopping up all the royalties and get them paid direct to the communities to help pay all the expenses and create a fund for betterment and improvement of living conditions for the community to be controlled by that community.
The CLC should just concentrate on what it was created for, administration and management of Aboriginal lands and their legal issues.

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