AI is coming. Artificial Batchelor awards are useless. …

Comment on With Gunner and Scullion, Batchelor doesn’t need Santa by Artificial Intelligence.

AI is coming. Artificial Batchelor awards are useless.

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Fracking consultation meaningless charade
Clean water supply sustains Alice Springs. Forget law and order. Alice will be gone. Tourism will disappear, along with cash for locals.

Open doors, not flogging, will reduce juvenile offending
Current soft laws don’t work. What’s the alternative?

Fighting youth crime, not just in office hours
Kids are out of control ruining the town, same in Mt Isa.
Current programmes cost plenty and don’t work. Why pay Elders for not caring?

Fast-tracked police recruits begin in Alice Springs
The law protects young criminals. Change the laws.

Still no answers on site for national Indigenous gallery
Undoolya Road, next to the religious property, there is vacant land for building, parking and expansion. It is away from the flood zone, opposite sports grounds, extra parking.
Please don`t destroy Anzac Oval and facilities.

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