Just a thought: We are all talking about what to …

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Just a thought: We are all talking about what to do with these kids. Shouldn’t that be a parent’s / guardian’s job to worry about that?
Let talk to these people and make them attend parenting classes to learn what to do and how to raise kids.
I don’t blame these poor kids, given some of their role models. And there lies the problem.

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Not enough water for Yuendumu to grow
Living remote brings these issues. I don’t know how the government affords to maintain the hundreds of small remote towns in the Northern Territory where building a house or providing services might cost three times the local price.

Anzac highschool trashing no surprise
Maya – the same as the rest of the town … none. Unfortunately when you have a generation of children that aren’t being taught normal civilisation values like respect, honesty and accountability then crime will prosper.
I would expect smashed windows and vandalism have been identified as major factors in their risk management plans for the project however good luck at trying to mitigate that especially when there is a big hill across the way for them to launch attacks from.

Police want parents to stop youth crime
Evelyne you are frequently having a go at people who wish to remain anonymous, get over it mate.
Some people want to remain anonymous due to work, political interest or fear or reprisal in some way. Nobody is using these comments in a factual way (nor should they) so where is the harm in it.
I’m sure if there were inappropriate comments the moderator would remove them.
Oh, and the only people allowed to punish these people are the courts (via politicians), they are the ones with the fear of misguided labels so these mob need to be called out to defend their actions more often (if at all).

Sleeping on the floor in over-crowded juvie
The sad fact is most of these young people have been brought up with no boundaries or rules in their lives and commit crimes and end up in the one place which relies heavely on boundaries and rules.
The people working at these places must be saints with what they have to put up with.
You hear stories of no respect for them, they get spat at, punched and worse but have to remain quiet on all the issues out of fear of losing their jobs and fear of the media blowing defensive actions out of the water with their one sided bias.
I think a honest account of the whole experience needs to be documented so they public can know what really happens.
This might result in the government caring more about kids’ quality of life from he start of their lives and not after the damage has been done and is most likely unreversable. End of rant.

18 in a car with five seats
Sad thing is this isn’t surprising in Alice.

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